1991 BMW 3 Series 318i e30 Touring 1.8 from UK and Ireland


Not a disposable car, a real car


Camshaft had to be changed, as because the car was used in a secondary residence, the oil clogged up the oil spray tube above the camshaft.

Exhaust down pipe had to be changed for the MOT.

General Comments:

Nice car to drive on a daily basis, handles really well, you know what's happening.

The 318i is not a rocket, but it goes all right for a 1.8L.

You know that you're in a BMW when you start to hit 60-70mph. 3rd, 4th and 5th gears are the most impressive, like any BMW.

Stable at speed; it feels and is rock solid. The good old German build quality, not like the disposable cars of nowadays...

It will last for ages as long as you maintain it properly.

Parts are quite cheap if you know where to look for them (i.e. BMW specialists, not dealers), and it is easy to work on, as everything is accessible.

Fuel economy isn't the best in its class, but it is well worth that little extra for the pleasure of driving it. On motorways and A-roads, you can expect 40mpg, and in town, depending how you drive, 20-30mpg.

I would recommend a BMW e30 to anyone, providing it has good service history (like any car).

Just a nice honest car with the right amount of electronics, which is becoming a classic.

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Review Date: 4th July, 2007

1991 BMW 3 Series 1.6i (supercharged) from UK and Ireland


Average car, converted to amazing!!!


The car has had a major overhaul and due to the fact that the supercharger is huge, fuel consumption has increased... a lot!!!

The brake pad warning light comes on all the time, even though the pads have no wear indicators.

The sunroof squeaks.

General Comments:

This car was bought to compete in the local circuit racing, but after it was finished it was still very comfortable and despite losing the sound proofing from the floor and doors, it is still really nice and quiet to drive.

As standard this car really isn't that good, but fit some sachs springs and struts, a pipercross induction system and exhaust and it starts to come to life, then if you want that extra smile on your face as your rocketing past cars that should tear you apart, fit a supercharger, and NOT one of these electronic "superchargers", they don't work!!

I love this car, and the price for purchasing, and converting this car into what it is today...£1100!!! FANTASTIC!!!

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Review Date: 9th June, 2007

1991 BMW 3 Series 318 iS 1.8 from North America


Definitively a lovely car, if you can afford it


Transmission, drive shaft, alternator, starter, timing chain tensioner, struts, cooling fan clutch, idle control valve, pads/rotors, gasoline tank leak; all in under a year!

General Comments:

I thought I bought my dream car! Unfortunately, the hard thing in attaining your dream is maintaining it.

I love the way this car drives and the classic (e30) BMW look is incredible. I don't use the car so much for racing as for "BMW experience" in everyday driving.

Unfortunately, this low end sports car is extremely demanding in maintenance. I have put nearly $5000 into a car worth maybe half that. Goes to show you should look long and hard at a BMW before you shake on the deal.

I don't think I could afford another bimmer. I'm hoping this one will last at least two more.

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Review Date: 20th June, 2006

21st Jun 2006, 09:17

You have a fair amount of miles on your e30, but I can strongly assure you, that with the repairs and maintenance you have completed on your car, you won't have to do much more over the next 3-4 years! Trust me, I've owned 2 e30's so far... the only one I have to aspire to is a mint m3 e30!

You may have to open up the motor in the next 20-30k miles to replace the timing chain (if it hasn't been done yet).

Happy motoring!