1999 BMW 3 Series Coupe Sport 1.9 from UK and Ireland


One last chance BMW, only this time I'll buy a 330Ci


Camshaft sensor failure at 10000 miles, caused engine to cut out.

Alternator failure at 15000 miles.

Valves failing to seat correctly, requiring top-end rebuild at 26000 miles.

All under 3 year warranty.

General Comments:

Notwithstanding the above, pretty reliable. My previous car was the same model and never gave a moment's trouble.

Moderately rapid car which gives an amazing 45 mpg on long fast motorway runs.

Could do with more power.

Handles beautifully, can be placed within a couple of inches of where you want.

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Review Date: 16th January, 2002

1999 BMW 3 Series 316i from Czech Republic


Great handling, poor quality


Difficulties shifting the gears, fixed by the dealer under warranty.

The A/C fan speed had been changing randomly. Fixed by the dealer, he mentioned that this is a frequent problem.

The signal lights did not make the ticking noise when used. Fixed by replacing the entire dashboard.

The power steering begun leaking after 15 000km. Replaced under warranty.

Headlight bulbs are blowing every month. Told by the dealer that this is a known problem caused by the clear glass headlights.

General Comments:

The car holds very well on the road, and is a real pleasure to drive.

The 316i engine is dull and you feel that the car deserves a much stronger engine.

It is BMW at its best in terms of being fun to drive, but choose a stronger engine. I had been surprised by the number of problems the car had.

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Review Date: 14th August, 2001

1999 BMW 3 Series 328i 2.8 V6 from North America


This is as far as I would go to experience the BMW driving experience


After every winter I drove the car, the PDC (Parking Distance Control) sensors needed to be replaced, under warranty fortunately.

Unidentified jiggles from the back seat.

General Comments:

Great car overall. Unbelievably balanced especially in snow driving, given that the car is rear-wheel-drive.

For the money it's not a competitive product, and with its lack of power, definitely not the ultimate driving machine.

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Review Date: 7th June, 2001

10th Dec 2002, 18:18

-If you hate the car so much why would you buy another BMW in the future?

13th Aug 2004, 09:53

Interesting a V6 BMW I always thought they were a straight 6.

1st May 2009, 16:03

It is actually a straight 6.

1999 BMW 3 Series 318is 1.9 from South Africa


Overpriced, overrated, underpowered, overserviced crap


Radiator went bad. Left my ass stranded in the middle of some desolate African highway.

Gearbox, had to drive for 80 km's in second gear as it was the only one that worked.

Clutch, once again left me in the middle of nowhere. Thank God for tow trucks.

Air conditioning. Broken down twice. You try driving in Africa without it. It's great to have but kills what little power the car has drastically!

And lots and lots of little things.

General Comments:

It handles very well for a sedan compared to most US models.

It is in my opinion drastically overpriced.

It's as fast as a door mat (do yourself a favour and get a 328, 330, or M3).

The service from JSN Motors in Johanesburg South Africa really really sucks, If you don't drive a 7 Series you might as well not exist).

Nice interior design.

If it wasn't for my 80,000 kilometer road warranty I'd be bankrupt. You could get a better deal for a heart transplant than the dealership will give you!

Makes my 99 Buick feel like the space shuttle.

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Review Date: 19th April, 2001

9th Jul 2001, 01:06

Well it is a known fact that South African built BMW's have inferior build quality and most mechanics will not touch them.

Did you not realise when you test drove the car that it had no power?

12th Jan 2005, 01:35

Well known fact that South African made BMW's are poor quality? I think you need to check your "facts". BMW's assembly facility in Pretoria has been rated higher than the German facility in terms of production quality.

I have owned an E46 328i for the past 4 years - the most totally trouble-free motoring one could possibly imagine. Not a single technical problem, and it now has 125000 km on it - just barely run-in! Awesome performance and handling, combined with very good economy (overall fuel consumption average of 8.8 litres per 100 km, and have obtained as low as 7.4 l/100 during highway cruising at 130 km/h). Service levels from all BMW workshops I have dealt with in the course of routine maintenance visits have been excellent.

I have owned E30 (1985 323i) and E36 (1996 320i) 3 series BMW's, and they were all brilliant cars which provided me with nothing, but enjoyable trouble-free driving over a total of almost 400000 km. I am unlikely to drive any other manufacturer's product soon.