9th Jan 2009, 22:54

When you buy an older car, it is hit or miss. Some people treat their cars like gold, while others treat them like dirt. I bought a 1986 325e in 2006 and have had minor problems with it. I have replaced the fuel lines, timing belt, water pump, alternator, and dash panel. However, the car has well over 300,000 miles on it and still gets at least 25 mpg in the city, while also running strong. Like I said, it is hit or miss when you buy a used car, especially one as old as ours. I have two brothers that are also BMW enthusiasts and we have gone through several 3 and 5 series cars, and will continue to do so. Don't give up on BMW just yet. If a deal comes along, inspect the car and don't hesitate to take a chance with BMW. They really are "The Ultimate Driving Machine".

30th Apr 2010, 05:34

Hi from Denmark..

The BMW I played with had a 2.3 litre m20 (inline six). And it drove about 8 - 10 km/l. But you need to check the fuel tank. On my old Honda Accord the tank is made out of two half shells, that are spot welded tight, but rust can eat through without you can seeing it. Try filling it up ,and smell and look if it's spilling..

Second, the cam timing must be correct, if you don't change it right, you can easily get it wrong by 2-5 degrees I remember.. and ignition timing is very very vital too, if these two things are inaccurate, the car will perform poorly and use a lot of gas... That thing you can get checked with a 4 gas tester at a shop if the car is putting out too much hydrocarbon or carbon monoxide.. YOU can check the spark plugs; if they are black you have a serious problem with the amount of fuel injected..