21st Oct 2008, 05:31

Since when is a 328i sport half a second quicker to 60 than an m3!? Typo!

25th Oct 2008, 17:34

I own a 328I sedan automatic and I also drove a 3M manual shift previously. I honestly did not notice much of a difference except the control but much more work, and for an automatic transmission this car has the BEST acceleration. I LOVE my 328I, I have driven it for over 8 years and the longer I own it the more I love it. Time seems to make no difference on this car. It feels the same as when I drove it off the dealership. Granted I do not put lots of miles on yearly and it only has 62 K miles on it now, but drives better than other brand new cars after only 2 years of driving. I just test drove a 2005 X5 today and it felt a bit more sluggish than my car. I am looking for an all wheel drive for the winter. Otherwise I would keep the 328I forever. Maybe I will and get winter tires... lol.

17th Mar 2009, 11:29

I have an e36 328i. Not the sport model but im not bothered about that, made up with it.

20th May 2010, 03:17

I have the answer to your 328i Sport vs Integra Type R argument, I have a genuine 328i Sport and my brother has an ITR. In a straight line my Sport is faster all day long, and on a good twisty road (in the dry of course) the BMW will come out on top again, depending on driver obviously!!

14th Aug 2010, 18:42

Mate has an Integra Type R, and I used to have a 328i.

BMW E36 328i is faster than an Integra Type R.

Also if you were at a night club and got chatting to some girl, what would you rather say 'I have a BMW Coupe' Or 'I have a Honda with spoilers all over it!'

Yes, the Integra is a fantastic drivers car with an awesome engine, but the BMW oooozes with quality, and that 6 cylinder 2.8 engine, the note on hard throttle is just great, so deep.

9th Dec 2010, 09:44

I followed a Integra Type R all the way to 145 MPH during the summer in my 328i. I wasn't gaining on him and he wasn't getting away. It was very close, although I was carrying two passengers, so that would obviously make a difference to anyone who knows.

I had heard about the 328 V Type R argument on a BMW forum, so I had to try it out when the opportunity came up, and he was clearly happy to participate.

Anyone who suggests he wasn't racing I can assure you he was.