26th Apr 2001, 16:17

I have a 1990 318is, it's a wonderful car. I really cannot say that maintenance is expensive, I had no serious problems since I own the car (bought at 90000 km, now 240000 km). Much fun to drive, really more than the newer 3 series. I enjoy driving an uncomfortable car with strong engine and hard trimmed chassis, without power steering and other knick-knack made for wimps. And it also saves money because of it's high mileage/liter (this is important in Germany!).

15th Jul 2003, 14:24

Was the 318is produced to US specs in 1990? I have a 1990 euro spec 318is and it rocks! Put a chip in it and a cold air induction kit. It tops out at 240 kph. A friend drove it tonight and was shocked and loved it!

9th Nov 2004, 21:52

The 1991 BMW 318is is one of the most fun cars that I have ever driven. The engine loves to rev, the tail likes to break out on demand. Uncomfortable? I didn't think so. Expensive? The only aspect that I found to be expensive is the attitude that most BMW owners have. Once I got rid of that car people looked at me as a human being again. BMW owners are not looked upon as kind people. I like the car because its fun to drive. I don't care that it is a BMW. In fact that's the ONLY reason I have yet to buy another. But when I do it will be a 1991 318is.

8th Jun 2007, 00:13

I have a 91 e30 318 I have owned about a year. I purchased outright for $2,000. Maintainance and parts are expensive (I have to replace my rims and tires due to theft, and it will cost about $1,000), but maintance costs are not so much when you factor in what the cost and car payment would be on a newer car. And the car gives so much pleasure it seems worthwhile. I will say this, despite the maintance costs, I'll never go back to driving a Honda, and that's a great car too.

22nd Sep 2007, 21:51

The e30 318is I think will become a future classic, as it is a very entertaining drive (much more involving than the later e36 model), and was only made for 2 years. Good ones now are becoming rare and I have noticed them slowly increase in price over the last year.

Expensive only if neglected. Uncomfortable only to the non purist. On the whole this car is one of BMW's little unknown gems, but for how long? If you're considering one of these then get one before everyone discovers them or be prepared to pay a premium.