24th Jul 2005, 10:41

I own a BMW 316i - 1.8litre engine, on an '03 plate. Just remember your talking of pretty old models with 1.6 engines. I have absolutely no complaints about my BMW. In terms of speed and finish of car its brilliant and what do you expect of a car that's been around for a decade?! Stop complaining - If you want a 'Perfect Car' you have to either buy a new model of a different manufacturer or buy a newer model BMW.

21st Sep 2005, 09:39

I wouldn't say this is a negative review. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the whole point of this site is to express opinions/findings on cars that we own or have owned in the past. Therefore many of the cars documented on this site are not new. Whether the new model 3-series are better is irrelevant.

28th Oct 2006, 07:21

I came to this site while looking for feedback on a 316i, having just purchased one within the past few days.

Obviously there isn't anything to add from the perspective of 'experience', but I can at least contribute the reasons for having purchased this - model of - car.

Rock solid build - standard BMW.

Pinpoint steering accuracy - standard only with better cars.

Excellent cruiser (from my testing) - another BMW standard.

All in all though I'm grateful to be able to come to sites like this and hear what others have to say. The only comment I could add to those already sent is this.

First, this is an older model. Normally that shouldn't be a bad thing as there are always interested people buying and selling better quality cars.

Second (last) why complain about the power? This model didn't come with a monster motor. Compared to other cars of similar spec's it holds its own.

15th Jul 2009, 08:05

The 316 is the slowest of the 3 series, but the e36 model will still top out at 120mph, which is very respectable considering the size of the car. I imagine the 316 (e46) is quicker still as it has a 1800cc engine. Pretty sure the e36 316 is a 1600cc though.