12th Oct 2003, 13:53

Typical of the blinkered thinking of the typical 3 series driver/owner which I humbly suggest contributes to the image of the car. Sad.

12th Oct 2003, 20:29

I think if you actually use turn signals and drive a BMW you have to give the car back!!! Den.

13th Oct 2003, 15:37

To the first commenter - if you automatically dismiss or prefer a car based solely on the badge it wears, then I humbly suggest it is you who doesn't know your cars. The ST200 was critically acclaimed by every motoring magazine as having a fantastic engine and a chassis which, despite the handicap of front wheel drive, bears comparison with pretty much anything else on the market. But it's a Ford, so it's automatically crap, right? Get real.

I have covered extensive mileage in both cars, and feel qualified to make the comparisons I made. The fact is that the Mondeo's torquey, smooth engine, razor sharp turn-in, throttle adjustable chassis balance and effortlessly powerful, perfectly servoed brakes make it a driver's machine which, if you look beyond the badge, can hold its own with pretty much any similarly powered mass produced car on the market. The fact is, both cars have similar power, performance, chassis ability (Mondeo has the edge here without a doubt) and interior space. To say one doesn't compare with the other because of badge prestige, and then suggest that saying otherwise suggests a lack of knowledge of cars is ironic to the point of being hilarious, not to mention betraying a staggering level of ignorance. You clearly know your badges, but I suspect your knowledge of the hunks of metal they bolt on to needs some careful fine tuning.

13th Oct 2003, 20:14

These guys are defending the 3 series when the review actually mentions parts FALLING OFF THE CAR!!! HAHA. Granted, the # isn't bad, but as above-mentioned, a badge don't make a car. Just look at the 7 series!!! Thing breaks something new before you fixed the first problem!!! It seems the last few years NONE of the german companies have what it takes.

I had my nephew once ask me how come he hadn't heard anything about it when I mentioned the 540 & 530 engine failure rate. (Admittedly, since corrected). Like I told him, "Do you really think someone is going to spend 60-80 000 dollars on a car and admit it's a piece of junk!!!"

Now the 5 series IS a great car and as we know, comparing Ford to BMW is apples to oranges, BUT only on the surface. Look at pricing. IS a BMW really 2-3 times the car the Ford is? I love ALL cars (mostly), but let's live in the real world! Den.

13th Dec 2003, 08:46

I totaly agree with the other comments. I have gone through heaps of BMW'S and I have had no problems. They are great cars. Why compare a BMW to a ford???

13th Dec 2003, 17:58

Interesting comparison with the Mondeo ST220 - I haven't driven the Ford so it wouldn't be fair to comment.

Surprised with the various comments re build quality - my last 5 Series (523i SE) and my 330D Sport Touring have both been bombproof.

With regard to image I confess that I was initially put off the 3 because everyone's got one (in Aberdeen they're more common than the aforementioned Mondeo). However, once I tested the 330D Sport Touring I was absolutely blown away: the performance (204bhp) and handling are simply awesome. Similarly in Sport guise the car looks and feels something special and stands out from the herd.

With regard to your comments about exclusive use of the fast lane, those cards are reserved for 316 & 318 drivers who usually travel in attack formation (as a certain J Clarkson has pointed out in the past)!

You'll never get a 'tosser' comment from anyone who knows their cars and, hell, if you do it's a small price to pay for one of the finest drives around.

6th Sep 2004, 15:33

I've had both a V6 Mondeo and BMW 330d. I think you've got to compare apples with apples. The Mondeo is a genuinely excellent drivers car - punchy, excellent handling. Of course, I'd prefer my 330d, but look at the price difference. Don't judge a book by its cover - if I was buying a car in that price range, I'd still buy a Mondeo. Get off its case!

30th Mar 2007, 07:03

Doesn't the BMW 3 series outsell the Ford Mondeo?

Surely that shows which of the has the image problem, and aren't the jokes more out of envy? If someone is calling you a T****R then they obviously don't like you very much.

Having said that, no car can be worst than VW's.

23rd Dec 2007, 15:42

350Z, Supra, Skyline... yeah really boring.

Give me a four cylinder diesel repmobile any day of the week.

7th Aug 2008, 13:00

Supra /Skyline/350z last time I checked they don, t run on diesel, my point being the 320d is in my view a better all round car than a almeria 2.2 or avensis D4D.

24th Mar 2010, 18:26

Had the Mondeo 02 reg 2.0 TDCi 131bhp. Had it 1 year, 3 months. Was in for a service due to engine problems. I have changed 2 injector sets, complete clutch kit, aircon compressor. Please don't say that they are reliable. Even the mechanic said that the Mondeo diesels are piece of trash. Maybe the petrol is better. I have to agree that the Mondeo handles very nice.

You can compare the interior and the comfort, but overall Beemer are a lot better.

Saying that, after test driving several cars including Beemer, I chose a Volvo S60 :) ) It doesn't handle like the Beemer, but it is better than the VW or Mondeo.

19th Apr 2011, 18:47

I've been driving a BMW for years, and I'd rather be referred to as a t*ss*r than a chav driving around in a Ford!