10th Feb 2004, 07:48

Me again, done a speed run on the M57. 135 MPH and she had little more left in her. Getting the ECU remapped in a few weeks so god knows what she do!!! She is 16 years old for christ's sake.

10th Apr 2004, 07:21

In answer to your performance queries regarding BMW 320i (e30) convertible 1988...

Engine power was rated at 90kW, however was revamped from 1991- 1992 to 110kW.

Dop not have exact acceleration times from 0- 100 K/ Hr nor standing quarter mile (400meters) although a calculated guess based on the 320i coupe 1988, should give an estimeat of around 10 seconds and 16 seconds (respectively). In manual form.

Source Motor Magazine Australia


Mark, Darwin Northern Territory.

13th Oct 2004, 08:32

I also have a 1991 320I SE. I live in the countryside in Ireland and my god I love this car. I passed my driving test in a Clio 1.2 and 6 months later I had fulfilled my boyhood dream, to own a BMW 320. I am a 29 year old, so no boy racer posts. 111,000 on the clock and she is only getting warmed up.

Brendan Lynch



14th Nov 2004, 12:17

Are you interested in selling your Bimmer? I am interested in buying your Bimmer.

18th Nov 2004, 17:12

She has gone to car heaven. I wish I still had her. Might go hunting for a 325.

4th Jun 2007, 03:34

What happen to it?

5th Jun 2007, 12:52

Well people, I just bought one 325 cabrio, is RoyalBlue metalic and beige inside, the leather is like new, very well maintained the car and even the radio is the original, is lovely, from the 88'.

I bought it for 6,000 Swiss francs, but I will take it to Mexico after I finish studying in 1 year.

Arriba Cancun!

I will never sell this handsome car.

8th Nov 2012, 20:15

I can only suggest the boy racers in your neck of the woods were not playing, as the '89 320i that I owned was by no means a fast car - you had to thrash the living whatsits off it to make any real progress. A very disappointing drive.