7th Sep 2005, 21:50

Sadly, B.M.W. stands for "Big Money Worries'! So much for overrated German technology! Mercedes these days are not much better. The Japanese e.g. Nissan, manufacture a far better product than these two marques. Even the Koreans are coming out with some brilliantly innovative and technologically advanced vehicles! Hyundai, for example, is VERY big in the U.S.A. today. Times are a changing!

9th Sep 2005, 10:36

Thanks for the comments.

I'm inclined to agree that the Japanese make very reliable cars.

I've just booked myself a test drive of a 350Z so I'll see how that goes.

The Beemer will be history soon...

13th Sep 2005, 11:19

I'm surprised to read about reliability problems. I've had my 318i SE for nearly two years (I bought it second hand from a main dealer) and have had no problems of any sort.

It's a lovely car to drive and with care returns 37-39 m.p.g.

It's a job to keep the black upholstery clean though - the kids can't seem to help dropping all sorts of food over them!

14th Oct 2005, 10:19

I've still got the Beemer and new faults to report:

Fag lighter packed up so my Road Angel is out of use.

Heater matrix is playing up so unable to change air direction when required.

Still I'm hoping to off load it to a dealer in a couple of weeks.

BMW - You should be ashamed!!!

8th May 2006, 01:09

I guess its true then. I was actually thinking of picking up a cheap used 325i as a project car. So far I've had a Hyundai Elantra and the new Hyundai Coupe. So far in the 4 years of these cars the Hyundai repairs only amount to 400 dollars for both (Washer motor and door lock)

Can't imagine that the beemer really sucks up thousands in repairs! Maybe I have to consider an Audi instead?

8th May 2006, 12:14

If you check Consumer Reports and other rating agencies the 2000 323i/328i for 2000 in America are very highly rated.

Audis have always had bad reliability and I would always choose a BMW (3, 5 series NEVER a 7 series or any SUV) over an Audi.

22nd Feb 2009, 19:38

I cannot agree with the preceding comments. I have owned several BMWs and have found the overall reliability to be excellent - certainly they have never broken down and have required routine maintenance. As these cars get older things will invariably go wrong. Bushings, sensors and some problems with the cooling system, such as the expansion tank cracking, are known weak points and can be avoided by a little preventative maintenance. The build quality and engineering integirty in a BMW is evident and excellent. The engines and transmissions are very long lasting and the fit and finish very robust. The 3 series scores very well in all of the usual reliability surveys.

13th Nov 2010, 04:05

I am looking at buying a BMW 318i, and have seen mostly very positive reviews so far - I wonder in regard to the topmost comments, if these cars were bought with heavy mileage or no genuine service history? Surely with all of that engineering, they cannot all be falling apart in the way described? With low mileage and regular servicing, I find it hard to see that they could be so unreliable.

2nd Mar 2013, 19:10

I also own a 318i, and must admit that it has also has a new head gasket and the head skimmed, plus expansion bottle/thermostat and hoses. But okay, the car now runs super, and I always have one eye on the temperature gauge.

I now hope I will have many years of enjoyable driving, as these cars are really for me something special. This is my third BMW 318i (various models). My last one (an e36) did over 300,000 miles before the engine decided it had had have enough of my crazy driving!