12th Feb 2008, 17:39

As someone who has owned several BMWs and currently drives a BMW, I wonder when I read these reviews if (a) the people writing them really do own a BMW and (b) if their BMWs are coming from some other planet! I have had very few problems with BMW, have found them robust, solid and reliable. Bits and pieces do not break and fall off and they are much more solid than anything from Japan - which are generally light and 'tinny'. The person who wrote the initial review quite obviously knows nothing about cars or indeed how to drive them.

22nd Jul 2008, 03:27

I have to give credits to the initial reviewer as my BMW has also the same issues. Water pump failed at 105.000km and every 6 months I bring my car to rim fixer as their rims are bended easily with hits.

What he forgot to mention was either he is driving a coupe or with a model with sports suspension (which is closer to the ground and stiffer). Regular sedan drivers doesn't have rims issues. (i know, as I drive a coupe)

Also, I am completely agree with this guy with the tires. As coupes have different sizes with front (225/45/17) and rear (235/40/17), and they are way larger tires than sedans, they are incredibly expensive. Currently these tires selling price is around 350$ each! And if you are a winter driver, you will have hard time to find winter types of these tires nor you will find chains for these sizes!

All in all, with the problems above, Beemer is a quality car. It would be unfair to compare this car with a Japanese. Their reliability is OK but they lack of feeling, spirit.

And to the last commenter: I do use a BMW just like I believe the initial commenter does. No need to blame people with these cheap comments. You don't have problems with your car doesn't mean no one will have either. He does praise his BMW in the end, doesn't he?

22nd Jul 2008, 19:38

Our family has owned 2 5-series BMW's since 1995. Neither has been any more reliable than Japanese imports, nor anywhere NEAR as reliable as our late model GM vehicles (which are totally flawless). Also, if you'll notice, Consumer Reports reliability ratings on BMW are not exactly stellar.