2012 BMW 5 Series 535 ix 3.0L I6 turbo from North America


A nice car, but the Mercedes is better by far


Nothing has gone wrong (yet).

General Comments:

I purchased the Rolls as a classic (see my review - 1991 Silver Spur II). Unfortunately it was totally unreliable and when it developed a problem that I could not fix, I unloaded it on my local Chevy dealer for this BMW.

The car is everything you would expect from BMW. Comfortable bucket seats up front, slightly cramped cushy back seat. Super fast acceleration. Great handling and braking. Very good visibility, the backup camera is great, etc. It's a Beemer.

Now the not so good.

It came with Goodyear Eagle run-flats. The car is all-wheel drive and had poor traction with these tires and no traction in snowy/icy conditions. Quickly replaced with Bridgestone Driveguards and that solved the traction problem (this was not a BMW problem, just poor tires).

This car supposedly has more interior space than our 2012 Mercedes-Benz E350. While the car is comfortable to drive, there is less rear seat room than the M-B. The M-B sun visor is larger than the BMW's and telescopes, the Beemer's does not, and doe not cover the whole door window when turned.

Backup camera: It has lines that show where the car is headed. It also has alarms when the car is too close to an object front and rear. So when you park and the front is close to something, the alarm does not go off, only when in reverse does it alarm because there is something close in front.

Navigation: Works great for actual addresses. But when I selected a destination, Steamtown in Scranton, PA., it abandoned me about a mile from where I wanted to go.

When I slow down for a red light, and then don't have to stop, sometimes when I touch the gas, it surges, snapping my neck. Very touchy turbo.

Paddle shifters only available on 550 model.

Not a bad car, not a great car either.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 16th October, 2018