6th Jan 2014, 12:05

Original poster here:

My car's oil and brake service indicators lit over the holidays, so I took her in to be fettled by my local BMW dealer. Yes, I know my car is old, but with a full service history I couldn't bring myself to use a back street garage. The mechanic came out to tell me how lovely this car is, and that it got "greens" on every single inspection.

The car has 62000 miles on now, so I have covered 10k in it.

In that time I have needed to replace two headlamp bulbs and add 1.5 litres of oil. The car runs beautifully, is swift and comfortable, and returns 32 MPG overall.

My car is still "as new" and I am absolutely loving it right now.

13th Mar 2014, 02:39

Original poster here

64000 miles and seven months now.

This old car still washes up like brand new, and still offers almost unmatched refinement. I can hardly believe how little this car is costing me to run, with 30 MPG overall, a litre of oil every 3000 miles or so, and no repairs required so far.

I am sure other folks have worse experiences of the E39, but I can barely fault it.

28th Jul 2014, 16:09

Original poster here.

Just covered 20,000 miles in this lovely old barge. The only failure was the heater blower stopped working. By looking at owners club sites I discovered this was probably the Final Stage Resistor (or Hedgehog) which I bought for £35 off Ebay. It was a fairly easy fit. All works perfectly now.

Very comfortable, quick enough for most reasons and averaging 31 MPG, I can hardly fault this for a 12 year old car.

I bought it as a runabout; it has instead become my main car for a whole year now. I have no intention of changing it any time soon!

18th Feb 2015, 17:24

Original owner here again.

30,000 miles put on it by me, 82k overall. No failures, still a quite brilliant drive.

The passenger door was dented by a Waberer's lorry a couple of months ago and I am awaiting repair, but the car still performs beautifully, averages over 30 MPG and is still more than a match for any contemporary rival IMO.

25th May 2015, 15:15

I think the oil consumption is caused by a clogged PCV valve.

30th May 2015, 04:45

Oiginal poster here:

Sadly my lovely E39 was declared a total loss by the third party insurer and was written off. A waste, as everything but the dented panels was good as new.

I was paid "top book" for it however, because of the low mileage and excellent pre-accident condition, and I managed to find another absolutely mint E39 with only 52k miles on the clock and a full service history.

I adore these cars. I hope to put even more miles on this one!

And many thanks to the previous poster about the PCV valve. I will bear that in mind in case my new E39 consumes oil too.