31st May 2003, 10:12

My 1995 525i is my second BMW. My first was a 1990 and I would still be driving it if I hadn't found the 95 for such a good deal. In the Northwest, every condition for driving exists throughout the year. Other than "normal" wear and tear (tires, oil, brakes) I have never doubted my BMW. I can also say that I treat my car with a great deal of respect and do everything that is necessary to keep it running smooth and safe.

21st Apr 2004, 16:42

I bought my 525i in October of 2003. It had 80,000 miles when I drove it off the lot and now has 86K.I really haven't had any problems with it. I bought it through the dealership and bought a 2 year warranty. The car handles really well. I hope to keep this car and I'm planning on upgrading the stock wheels to 18".

14th Jun 2008, 11:31

I have had my 1995 525i (std. trans) since about 1997. It has been outstanding. A water pump went out 100,000 miles ago. The car has 185,000 miles on it now. It looks and runs as new. It burns no oil. I had it tuned for the very first time only recently. The experience with this car has been unbelievable. Best to all of you.

27th Jan 2010, 13:01

I had several late 80 model 3 series BMWs before owning a 95 525i manual 5 speeds.

The engine was a much appreciated upgrade from the timing belt and water pump replacement hassle of its predecessor.

The VANOS or variable valve timing requires no timing belts, nor periodic valve adjustments. The only weakness (from the factory) was the plastic parts of the cooling system (water pump impeller/thermostat housing) that are prone to fail over time and exposure to heat. Fortunately all metal upgrades are available (which mine already had).

I purchased mine, in almost mint condition, from the original owner with 211k miles and sold it with 235k miles and it still was running strong with no leaks or engine oil burning.

Since having it I did replace all the filters, fuel pump, water pump, and alternator since I think the alternator and fuel pump were the original.

To no surprise, it sold for almost twice the price I bought it for.

After that I have owned a few (used/high mileage) Mercedes, but I still miss having the responsiveness of the 5 speed manual gear box of the 525i.