1985 BMW 6 Series 635CSi 3.4 M30 I6 from North America


One of the best kept secrets of the automotive world


Cold start issue: traced to a tear in a mass air flow sensor hose; fixed with a piece of premium BMW (only not really) duct tape.

Flickering lights: caused by loose voltage regulator and idiot previous owner; fixed by tightening screws on the alternator.

Cracked rim: caused by idiot previous owner taking apart 3 piece alloys for painting.

Cruise control: Needs module (in the trunk, pending install).

General Comments:

Perhaps one of the most well disguised secrets in BMW history... the E24. I bought mine, an '85 US-spec automatic Zinnoberrot model, for $1900. Passed inspection the very next week, needed new wiper blades.

Exterior: Even with the US-spec 5 mph bumpers, these things are gorgeous cars; with the infamous "shark" lines, they very well may be the best looking BMW's ever made. My Zinnoberrot example has original paint, which since it is a single stage paint job, is easy to bring back to a polished shine.

Engine: The US-spec has a lower compression 3.4 M30 inline 6 engine, good for around ~190HP and ~215LB/FT. It is a torque monster, and provides decent gas mileage; I average around 21 mpg, which for a 25 year old car isn't bad. The slushbox automatic is a bit of a boat anchor, but it still moves out when it needs to, and in a damn hurry.

Handling: One of the most important things to change on any E24, if they still have them, are the original TRX metric tires. New ones are ~$400 each. I run 225-55-R15's on BMW style 29's, and the car handles like it's on rails, with that classic BMW confidence inspiring ride. I can't wait to replace the shock absorbers and lower it an inch or two. This thing is a blast, even with the automatic.

Interior: If equipped, the electric Recaro seats are supportive and comfortable. These tend to wear out with age, but mine was an exception; my seats are near mint condition. The car is fantastically equipped for its age; power windows, seats, air conditioning, onboard trip computer... the list goes on. Amazingly, all of my stuff works. Ergonomics are fantastic. Only one improvement to be made: low lighting. The interior is quite dark at night.

If you look at any E24, be wary of rust; especially around the fenders and rear taillights. Bodywork is expensive, as few replacement panels are available. Mechanically, the 633 and 635 are very durable, with mileage over 200k being the norm. The M635CSi and M6 are entirely different animals.

If you drive a well sorted E24, automatic or manual, US or Euro, the result will be the same; you'll be hooked for life.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2011

30th Nov 2012, 21:04

While cruising in a dealer loaner LR2 (yuck), I stumbled upon a 1987 635CSi in the Zinnoberrot/Pearl beige showing 130k on the clock. It was love at first sight! I too passed inspection two days later, and it's a hoot to drive. I have had problems, but it doesn't stop me from enjoying my "Red Baron"!

After checking the Carfax and vehicle inquiry report from my BMW center, I found that it was in BMW's press fleet! I got an e-mail saying that my E24 was used in TV ads! WOW! I'll keep you posted.

1985 BMW 6 Series 635 CSi 3.5L from Poland


Finest looking BMW young-timer!


Bought the car for a bit of rebuild.

Camshaft worn, it's very common because of head design fault.

Some rust to fix.

Fun clutch.

Red paint had to be carefully polished from time to time. If not it would turn pink. It's like your first job with the car.

General Comments:

Great car. I chose it because of it's wonderful design and after a bit of TLC it was a real head turner.

I had been stopped several times by people that were very interested in it's look. I have to say that "Zinnoberrot" (red) paint and chrome trims with black leather sport interior just made it sex on wheels.

My next one will be M635 same colour, same interior, but a little bit more power.

I had to admit that for 220BHP and a 3.5L engine it's a very economical car. About 12L/100km is not that bad. 7s to 100km/h is also a very decent figure.

Bad points are that it rusts and some day all e24 are going to have it fixed.

Prices of original door seals are horrible. 400$ a seal and there are no replacements.

Good points are that all parts are still available from BMW and that 3.5L M30 engine was very popular so scrapyard can have all parts you need for this unique car.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2006

1985 BMW 6 Series 635 CSI 3.5L Straight 6 from North America


6 in a row WILL go


Steering pump needs replacment.

Original Suspension components need replacing after 175000+

Needs 02 sensor.

Minor rust, but that is to be expected on a 20+ year old car.

General Comments:

First car, and one hell of a car at that. Turns heads all the time. Needs some body work. No corvette, but still has enough to get it going pretty quick. The Auto box can make for very boring driving sometimes, but I am nonetheless very satisfied. I would not think twice about dumping several thousand into it.

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Review Date: 21st June, 2005

1985 BMW 6 Series 635csi 3.5 6 cylinder from North America


A lot of car for the cash


I've had to replace thrust arms / bushings.

General Comments:

This car is no doubt one of the best looking BMW's I've seen.

It handles fairly well and gives me BMW confidence when I drive it.

Since I've only owned it for three months I can't comment too much on it.

If you're thinking of buying one watch out for any shimmy.

Definitely a cheap great looking luxury car.

Back seats have no room.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2003

1985 BMW 6 Series 628 CSi petrol from Australia and New Zealand


A classy motorcar that still turns heads!


Ignition lock jammed.

Brake bomb died.

General Comments:

Very stylish machine - I was a little worried after the quickness of the Lancia but I was not disappointed - The silver shark flies!

The back seats are beautiful (bucket - leather), but very little leg room.

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Review Date: 19th April, 2001

1985 BMW 6 Series 635 Csi 3.5 12 valve petrol from UK and Ireland


Subframe mounts, Tie rods, Front engine mounts, Power steering pump and Air conditioning.

Not too bad for a 12 year old with 140K!

General Comments:

Most fun you can buy for three grand! The rare manual version is a lot quicker.

Uses far less fuel than you'd think but tyres are 175 quid a time.

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Review Date: 23rd August, 1997

24th Jul 2001, 20:22

The manual version uses more fuel than the automatic version!