1979 BMW 7 Series 733i 3.3 inline six from North America


Lovely to drive, but expensive to maintain


Electrical short in the turn signals.

Cracked cylinder head.

New exhaust required.

Seized sunroof motor.

General Comments:

This car performed very well, much like a modern car today, and much better than most cars made when it was new.

The ride was very comfortable and smooth, but a bit softer than newer BMW's. It handled very well, with excellent steering accuracy and brakes.

The engine performs better with a manual transmission.

The interior was very roomy, very comfortable seats and excellent dashboard.

This car's problem was the cost of parts and repairs. Most parts are available only through the dealership, at huge prices. Wrecking yards have few of these cars available.

The next owner of the car after me spent $7000 (twice the purchase price) just to keep the car running for two years. He rebuilt the engine, and had major repairs to the electrics and rear suspension.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 10th May, 2003