1982 BMW 7 Series 735i SE 3.5 from UK and Ireland


It was a great car for its era


The air conditioning & heater only worked intermittently in the early years, and the BMW dealer never took any conclusive action to get it all running properly. The aircon stopped working completely after approx 18 months. The heater still behaves in the same occasional way.

Although it never wore completely through, the leather on driver's seat looked like something rescued from an early Moskvitch model after the first year of use.

The cylinder head gasket blew at 55,000 miles.

Front wheel bearings required replacement more often than I would have expected.

It regularly had reliability problems, mainly with the electrics and breakdowns happened often.

General Comments:

This 735se was my 6th new BMW.

When I first took delivery of the car, I noticed how very much noisier it was compared to any of the earlier BMW's I had owned.

It was always extremely hard on fuel, and would be impossible to justify using it over long distances on a regular basis with petrol @ £5.00 gal.

It was a nightmare to drive on icy roads.

What did I like about it? It had great pace, great roadholding in good conditions, very comfortable, bags of interior space, was a stunning looker and still is.

It has a current MOT and still takes me to town in summer to collect our Sunday papers.

It still looks as good as the day it was new, and I don't think I will ever part with it.

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Review Date: 14th January, 2010

1982 BMW 7 Series 735 SE 3.5 from UK and Ireland


One of the best and under rated BMW's ever


Hand break cable for MOT. On Board computer ECU has stopped working along with AC.

General Comments:

I get to drive a lot of cars, but can't wait to get in to my 735 after a days work. The car is very solid and works very well. The gear box is very smooth and the engine is just running in. It has handling to match newer cars and will out perform them as well. I will never sell as it is so good to drive and becoming very rare.

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Review Date: 23rd April, 2005