1989 BMW 7 Series 735i 3.5 Litre fuel injected straight 6 from Australia and New Zealand


German engineering at its best


The lights kept randomly turning off.

Onboard computer backlighting broke.

Vehicle "shimmys" at 90km/h.

Air con not working.

General Comments:

The headlights and tail lights thing is a well-known problem and easy to fix on your own, or you could pay an auto-sparky - it's a 15 minute job resoldering some connections. I also cleaned the headlights out and got far better light - they fill with dust - being good Hella units they can be stripped and cleaned with little fuss.

The OBC backlighting is just a bulb I believe - but its hard to get at because someone previous installed an aftermarket stereo that's a pig to get out...

The shimmy is also a well-known worn bush fault and is about $300 to get fixed with after-market bushes, or about $450 using genuine BMW parts.

The Air Con was going to cost over $1000 to fix due to a valve in under the dash that needs fixing - hell, I have a sunroof and windows to wind down :)

Overall tho its pretty reliable for its age, and a dream to drive. Its not the most economical car to drive, but if I wanted a Mazda 121 I would buy one (then I'd shoot myself :)

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Review Date: 9th September, 2004

1989 BMW 7 Series 735i 3.5 straight 6 from North America


The car looks, performs and has technology ahead of it's time!


Motor mounts and transmission mounts went bad, causing the drive shaft to hit the heat shield and making a horrible (to me) clicking noise when I took a corner (keep in mind I drive the car fast).

Radiator overflow hose came off, so when I went to fix that, I busted the connector piece for the hose and ended up having to buy a new radiator.

Brake caliper bolt fell off while I was driving (my fault, didn't tighten it enough when I changed pads) on a very bad road, lots of pot holes, so now I check the bolts regularly.

One day I used the anti theft immobilizing function when I was in a questionable part of town, and when I got back to the car, I put the code in and it would not accept it. I knew it was right, because I had used it before, and the code was 4 of the same numbers, so I had to disconnect the battery, wait 5 minutes, connect it, then wait 15 minutes, then put any code # I desired in. Then it started right up, so don't know why it did that, but oh well. It was an experience, plus I talked to this beautiful girl while I was waiting.

General Comments:

Overall the car is awesome, wouldn't trade it for any car (except for an M5 or a Corvette Z06 and maybe some others, key word... "some")

The car handles like a dream, even before the new wheels and tires, which made me love the car even more.

Yeah, it may be a little bit expensive to maintain, but the way I look at it, is life's too short to be nitpicking about that kind of stuff, just get what you want, that's just my opinion though.

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Review Date: 17th August, 2002