1994 BMW 7 Series 740il 4.0 L V8 from North America


Get yourself a GOOD ONE, and you'll love it


Crankcase vent valve wore out.

Windshield washers stopped working.

Right rear power window has a mind of its own.

Thrust bushings wore out.

Ball-joint bushings wore out.

Climate control faceplate keeps coming loose.

Rear electric window shade failed.

General Comments:

A very high-performing, comfortable car, and what a head-turner! But the little (and big) things that keep going wrong/wearing out are killing me! My old '85 325e requires far less attention, and is still going strong. The 740 il is a very nice car, but requires far more maintenance.

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2001

11th Aug 2001, 10:23

The old beamers do keep going strong. My 1986 325i SE ploded on for 14 years until it had a collision with a ford fiesta that wrote it off. Such a lovely car gone to waste.

2nd Sep 2007, 02:25

Helluva handsome car. lots of problems. window regulator, drivers seat, 2 transmissions (used), air conditioner unit, but my cars Still shines as good as my new 2007 Toyota Camry. infact, both are black, but the Bimmers black looks much more sophisticated. did I mention rear shade? rear self leveling shock.

1994 BMW 7 Series 730 3.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Central processor failure at 40,000 miles, car collected by BMW recovery & problem rectified under warranty.

Problem at 52,000 miles, engine running `Lumpy` due to fuel compatibility problem with coating on cylinders. Car was 4 months out of warranty but BMW fitted new engine free of charge.

1998 model year does not have this problem.

General Comments:

Generally reliable car and BMW committed to customer satisfaction even after their 3 year warranty has expired.

Excellent motorway cruiser. Well built comfortable car.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 1998

10th Jan 2003, 22:28

BMW replaced the engine because there is a general design defect with the M60 and they presumably don't want to see a class-action lawsuit.

6th Apr 2004, 01:30

Yes. They used a Nikasil coating on the bores which they discovered gets "eaten" by the higher amounts of sulphur in UK fuel. Once this protective coating has gone, the soft alloy behind it gets eroded very quickly leading to excessive piston/bore clearances, poor compression, glutinous oil consumption and eventual engine failure.

Took as little as 30,000 miles for some engines to fail.

24th Aug 2004, 07:06

Also, be aware that some engines didn't fail and so still have engines with the old linings, or were replaced early on with Nikasil engines. These units are still prone to costly failure as my neighbour discovered with his recently.

Look for ones that specify new engines and check for proof.

25th Aug 2005, 06:45

After buying a 730i secondhand from my local dealer (from his bargain basement) I was expecting to at least spend some money on it, but NO, I have owned it for two years and the only things I have had to replace are two tyres and the three drive belts, (but only the AC wanted replacing), it is serviced with great detail by the SAME DEALER. as for the car it drives like new, and is still comfortable and quiet, performance is very good, and CHEAP to run for a luxury saloon, the car is driven by my wife every day, I drive a mercedes-benz which is my car, but it's still special to drive a 7 series, I cannot praise BMW enough for producing such a great car.