1997 BMW 7 Series 740 il 4.4 petrol from UK and Ireland


It's an expensive obsession


Leaky petrol tank - common problem for those in the know apparently - IL has special 100 liter tank!

Suspension bushes.

Bonnet cable.

Electronic niggles.

Phone died - repair would cost more than the actual car!!

Consistent power steering fluid leak.


General Comments:

Getting on in age and has a deteriorating image.

It is so nice to drive though! Although I've been beaten in overtaking by a Nova banger because the damn auto gear box change.

This is a car for those who love it, otherwise it's soo expensive to run.

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Review Date: 21st February, 2009

1997 BMW 7 Series il 4.4 from North America


Safe and stylish land yacht


Lots of maintenance needed done when I purchased:

Water pump - about $100 new from FCP Groton.

Intake gaskets.


Control arms/drag link/tie rods: fairly cheap from FCP Groton.

1 coil pack only $23 from FCP Groton.

O2 sensors - 4 about $63 a piece from AutohausAZ.

Trans fluid/filter expensive cost me about $150 to change myself. BMW filter/gasket, fluid from World Impex - VW fluid, BMW fluid will cost about 30 bucks a quart, and 8-10 will be required.


Pixels bad in instrument cluster.

Cup holders/ashtray lid broken like almost all BMW's.

General Comments:

Very smooth engine, and only idles around 300-400rpm.

Doesn't leak or burn any fluids.

Good mileage for a V8: 22.6 average.

Built like a tank, hit a deer at 65mph and never hit the brakes, sheet metal damage only, still driving it.

Great support from e38.org.

Fairly easy to work on.

Engine has a timing chain, so no worries about a belt breaking.

Handles and stops great, especially for a huge 4700lb car.

Even though it's 12 years old, the car still stands out, mainly because of its size. People with new cars will still think you have more money than they do, even though you may only have $4-6k in the BMW.

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2009

19th Mar 2009, 06:35

Dude, the idle should be around 700rpm. Good review though, I`m happy so many people like their big beemers too.

1997 BMW 7 Series 740i from United Arab Emirates


Great to have, nightmare to keep


All but engine and gearbox more or less.

General Comments:

The car is a dream to drive when it's working. Comfort marks are only matched by the unbelievable performance of this beautiful beast. The car's main components will take any kind of abuse you throw at it. Those are the pluses.

The negatives: A nightmare turning into reality as far as maintenance is concerned. This car is a serious wallet black hole generator. Because the car is so beautiful, owners tend to try and keep them that way, this in turn is extremely costly. In my case simple and not so serious break downs cost me around US$ 15k in the past 2 years to fix, with a bill of another 15k to fix out-standings, the likes of AC pipe leaks, arm bushes, tires etc.

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Review Date: 17th May, 2008

25th Sep 2009, 10:14

That's true :)

1997 BMW 7 Series 728i Sport 2.8 from UK and Ireland


Highly recommended; an amazing piece of engineering!


Top water pipe split.

OSV valve became blocked.

Air con pump seized.

Traction control sensor failed.

Pixel failure on display.

"Check tail lights warning constantly on".

Used quite a lot of oil, but with no smoke, but BMW said this was normal.

General Comments:

Absolutely amazing vehicle, supreme in every way.

Looked stunning, handled amazingly on B roads and loved the twisty stuff.

Absolute silence at 145mph on the autobahn and felt very stable. The interior was sublime.

Surprisingly economical and not much slower than my friend's Impreza WRX 50mph - 70mph. Great gearbox and was truly a stunning car.

I happily overlooked the minor problems, which were to be expected.

10 speaker stereo was amazing.

Loved this car and will almost definitely buy another.

Had a small accident with another vehicle, which resulted in a slightly dented wing and the other vehicle being written off. Amazingly safe, fast and excellent to drive. Doesn't have the grin factor of the MX5, but an amazing long distance cruiser, and parts are relatively cheap too.

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Review Date: 30th October, 2007