1999 BMW 7 Series 740il 4.4 liter 8 cylinder from North America


Overpriced old farts vehicle


Engine - leaks like a pig, still runs good though.

Rear passengers window won't open.

Navigation and stereo quit working.

Plastic around the driver's seat where the controls are, broke and fell on the ground. Can't attach it back, need a new one.

Drivers door handle broke, cup holder broke, ashtray broke, passengers seat magazine holder broke.

Pixels on the dash control instruments went missing, couldn't read the mileage and general warnings, fixed that one by removing the assembly and spraying contacts with electrical cleaner, degreaser.

General Comments:

Where do I start?

The good - the car feels like a plane, pretty comfortable, a pleasure to drive when you forget about ever appearing problems and maintenance costs. Love the looks.

The bad - some thing always seem to break. I thought german engineers were supposed to be one of the best??? Doesn't seem that way, for that kinda money, the car is supposed to be perfect, you get what you pay for, right? No - in this case with BMW it's not. Problems kept popping up, I couldn't keep up with them and sold the car, glad I did. I loved the car in the beginning, but grew to hate it...

Bottom point - it's an old farts with money car, if you are young get something else. If you are not made of money - get something else. If you want something that's not going to irritate you, get something else. If you don't want to deal with the dealers mechanic, get something else.

BMW - I'm disappointed in you, doubt I'm gonna stick to german engineering anymore...

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Review Date: 23rd February, 2008

24th Feb 2008, 09:37

Relax man!

That is I mean on your comment on German engineering.

It is also here in Europe common for BMW to break down now and then, and it's expensive to replace.

But if you want a German car you can buy a Mercedes or even better an Audi with no fear.

In Europe we have some other good brands that you won't see in USA like Opel, also okay, and cheap.

But a car like BMW should really be checked before buying 2nd hand.

If not taken care of good, they come with a LOT of problems.

1999 BMW 7 Series 740il 8 cylinder from North America


The ultimate luxury cruiser with sporty driving and handling


The radiator cracked around plastic tank. Small power steering leak, otherwise trouble free.

General Comments:

The ride and interior comfort are outstanding. Engine power is awesome and it handles like a much smaller car. My wife and daughter who are both small find the car very easy to maneuver even though it appears large. Fit and finish is near perfect and car has a solid tank-like feel.

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2006

1999 BMW 7 Series 740il from North America


A great luxury cruiser, feels sporty and elegant.


Radiator cracked at 59,000 miles, no apparent reason. Built in telephone had to be removed as technology had become obsolete.

General Comments:

A very solid tank like feel, yet surprisingly nimble given its size.

Great for cruising on long trips at high speeds.

Also fun to put in manual transmission mode and shift on country roads, car seems to like being pushed hard.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2005

1999 BMW 7 Series 740 IL 4.4 gasoline from North America


TOP luxury vehicle with the monster performance, sports car handling and smoothest ride!!!


You know, I am very impressed with the reliability and everything else of my 99 BMW 740 IL. I drive it like a maniac, doing 120-130 mph every time I'm on the highway, accelerating 0-60 under 6 seconds, smoking all the infinitis, lexuses, Mustang GTs, and Z28 Camaros on the road. And I NEVER (THANKS GOD)have had a serious powertrain problem (I will knock on wood)!

I got it with 42000 miles on it, a one owner-fresh trade in for the new 745 LI. It now it has 50000 miles. I have changed the oil a couple of times, adding an oil treatment to it as was sudgested to me by a mechanic who tunes and upgrades BMW for the shows and street races.

Also, I have replaced the exhaust on my car; I put the sports "Hamman" exhaust ($1500) that was originally meant for the 540i. I estimate that it added about 35-45 horsepower which would make over 315hp for the engine.

Before I did that, I had to replace the catalytic converter because it got clogged and every time I floored the gas pedal, the computer shut down the right side of the engine as the exhaust gases could go nowhere and the engine couldn't properly function. That was about $850.

The "tune up" for my car: replacing the spark plugs and all other little things was $475, and the oil change was a little bit over $50.

In general I could say that this car is definitely worth EVERY penny you will put into the maintenance and repairs. I thing that the BMW 740i & il are two OF THE BEST PRODUCTIONS CARS EVER MADE.

General Comments:

As I wrote in the previous space, I think that the BMW 7 series is one of the best production cars on the planet. I used to be a car dealer and I had A LOT of different highlines go through my hands: Lexus, Mercedes, Infinity, Audi, BMW, and obviously I drove every one of those vehicles.

You know Audi is not bad, especially the A8. I might even put it in the same class as my car. It's not as quick, probably as smooth, but doesn't handle as well and doesn't take turns as well as my BMW 740 does (I take a pretty sharp turn doing 75-90 mph WITHOUT ANY problems).

About 2 month ago I changed the exhaust system on my car; I put the $1500 "Hamman" exhaust that originally was meant for the 96+ 540i. This modification boosted my car's horsepower like crazy. I estimate at least a 30-40 hp increase. Before that my car used to do 0-60 in 6.7 -6.8 seconds, now I'll be doing 60 in a little over 5 sec! And this is the IL version.

I had a guy in a Z28 Camaro trying to smoke me. I beat him SO BAD that it was not even funny! From the start to 20 mph he was little bit ahead of me, cause my car is almost a 1000 pounds heavier than his, but this weight difference didn't save him. I beat him almost by 2 car bodies.

I would strongly recommend the 96-01 740il BMW to anyone who is looking for the TOP luxury vehicle (cost over $80,000 new) with monster performance, sports car handling and the smoothest ride. Good luck to everyone who is looking to buy one!!! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!

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Review Date: 21st September, 2004

2nd May 2009, 15:06

Exhaust systems do not give you a 35+ hp gain. A 2% gain in power over original is more likely or about 5hp.

31st Aug 2009, 09:22

A new exhaust can technically give you a 35hp gain if the old exhaust was clogged (likely due to flakes of rust internally).

I experienced this myself on an old Honda Civic where I felt noticeable increase in power at high RPM after replacing the exhaust.

But you're right in the sense that if you have a perfectly good stock exhaust and move to a new low-restriction design, 2-3% is all you can expect.

1999 BMW 7 Series 740i 4.4 V8 from UK and Ireland


Performance luxury car with handling to match. Try one. Buy one

General Comments:

Terrific to drive, especially down winding country lanes. Alpina suspension lent a near faultless ride and handling.

Without doubt the best car I have owned to date. Its combination of smooth performance and comfort never ceased to amaze.

Recently changed to a '98 Porsche 911 Carrera 2 and have regretted it. The BMW delivered more than I imagined it would, whereas the Porsche has so far failed to live up to expectations.

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Review Date: 13th March, 2001