19th Apr 2010, 05:51

Lots of repair bills for your 7000 miles of ownership. Sometimes you wonder if a 1-year lease in a new one would cost less.

10th Oct 2010, 10:40

Oh, by the way, now my car has developed rust problems as well, even though I haven't driven it on winter roads. I hardly ever drive it in the rain, actually.

The rust in the corner of the drivers door would be too expensive to fix, I'm told. The only way to really cure it would be to replace the door, as it would cost less than welding it. I've treated the car very well. It has always been clean and well maintained. The rust is purely due to poor construction. A lot of these cars get that problem. A lot of the new cars from BMW have the same problem. They have known about this problem since the 90s, but they haven't done much about it, because they know people still will buy the cars, even if they are badly made. Complete rip off, that is what BMW is all about. They don't take their customers seriously at all.

The only thing on the car I can really say that is good, is the brilliant 4.4 litre V8. It has performed flawlessly. It's a shame the rest of the car is crap. If it had been as solid as the engine, it would have been a great car. It drives well, handles well and is very comfortable. It's just badly made, with a lot of bad electronics and poor quality plastic.

It's also untrue that complex cars always develop a lot of expensive problems. The Lexus LS is a good example of an advanced luxury car with far better quality record than the BMW 7-series. So it IS possible for BMW to actually make something that is better than this.