1972 BMW E3 3.0Si 3.5 from Netherlands


Low Budget Family Fun Limo


Drive shaft bearing and universal joint

Front brake fluid hose.

General Comments:

Bought the Beemer a little ago fully converted with E12 M535i engine and running gear. Former owner still regrets this since the E12 M535i is now highly valued...

The E3 is now incredibly fast and outruns most of the other cars in acceleration. For fast cornering, some adjustments need to be made to front suspension since steering is a little vague.

Fuel consumption is huge. But the LPG-system (OHG) makes is affordable to run.

Body work is completely rust free and the car has been re-painted in original white color. Unfortunately the interior is rather worn. So now it's time to start hunting for a blue leather one.

To my experience, a great all-day all weather drive, although for what is described as a luxury car, even considering the age, I believe interior and gadgets to be very limited.

I did not expect the car to be a head-turner, but for some strange reasons lots of people give me the thumbs-up-sing when I overtaking.

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Review Date: 30th December, 2005

25th Sep 2008, 14:37

Where is the photograph of the E3?