1989 BMW M3 E30 2.3 from North America


The most pleasure for the money


Most of the usual items that will fail after a certain amount of mileage.

Coolant hoses.

Sunroof failed.

Reverse lights.


Seats cracked leather.

General Comments:

This isn't your run of the mill car. Even among BMW's it is special. It is an "M". Until you own or drive one the M symbol is just that, a symbol. Once you experience the car, once you own one, then you can truly see how special the M3 series is.

This is one enjoyable car and a pleasure to own. It is as reliable as an old Benz, but able to mix it up with some of the best of today's sports cars. Handling is crisp yet not too harsh. You can actually live with this vehicle day in & out.

Maintenance is easily bearable. If you can turn a few wrenches and are resourceful in parts location you can even keep the cost cheap. There's also a bevy of information on the net for it. So you can learn the easy way to do things before you do it the hard way.

Overall a fantastic car, I love it. A 13 year old car that still gets compliments, not to mention an offer at least once a month on average. How common is that?

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Review Date: 6th November, 2002

19th Oct 2004, 09:29

It's a great car I have one it's fun to drive it's easy to live with it's the best car I have ever bought. I advise anyone if they get the chance to drive one or even buy one.