2005 BMW M3 Convertible from Australia and New Zealand


Technically masterful, but practically awful


Nothing broke.

General Comments:

If you're considering an M3 because (like me) you thought you were getting a quicker 330ci - think carefully.

Totally different breed.

In town it's like a frisky horse - you have to constantly hold it back. When you want to move a little faster it just goes big-time - gets tiring keeping it behaving. On the track another story - it's a dream.

Let me expand.

- In city traffic it's a liability - not because it's quick, quite the opposite. Try making a prompt, but non-dramatic lane change around 50-60klm/hr. There's just no torque so you drop a cog and gas it a bit. Suddenly the car takes off like a rocket and everyone thinks you're being a boy racer!!

- I tried fiddling with all combinations of user-selectable performance settings on the computer, but to no avail. It was either a dog or a devil with no acceptable mid-point.

- You might expect a 'firm' ride and you'd not be let down there.

- Kept it for <1 year and sold it with no regrets.

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Review Date: 15th October, 2005

21st Oct 2005, 16:11

I don't understand why you've spent such a vast amount of money on this car when it obviously doesn't suit you.

3rd Jul 2007, 04:19

To the comment made by last person. You probably don't own an m3 don't criticize about the reviewer.

I don't think M3 is that fast and its so laggy so I agree totally with the reviewer. M3 is over priced, Slow, stiff, laggy, engines sounds like broken vacuum cleaner. If you tell me you like the car for brand that's understandable.. for technology wise if you are a mechanic you will see its just full of gimmick and gadgets.