2007 BMW M3 E92 V8 4.0L from UK and Ireland


Awesome, but needs a sports exhaust


Coolant sensor failed after one day, but not concerned about it, these things happen. BMW Emergency service came out and confirmed that it had actually lost no coolant, and as I suspected, it was just the sensor. It will be replaced at the 1,200 mile service.

General Comments:

I am taking it easy at the moment as it needs running in until it's had its 1,200 mile service. But the constant linear delivery of torque from almost tick-over is outstanding. Coupled with an amazingly addictive sound of the V8, it really does feel a special engine.

I drove the dealer's demo car last week and gave it the beans, the relentless pull and high pitch roar, from what was a very tight engine still, confirmed to me what I had expected - that the engine is a master piece.

The ride is the most surprising thing. I have opted for EDC (Electronic Damper Control) and the standard 18 inch wheels. The ride in any damper mode is more, surefooted, comfortable and less skittish than my E46 M3. When you do start pushing, you can feel immense grip, great poise, surprisingly little body roll considering the supple ride, and contrary to some press reports, great feedback through the steering and whole car.

The demo car's ride or grip didn't feel as good as mine. It had EDC, but the optional 19 inch, bling special wheels. They were less composed in terms of ride, and the front end clearly tended towards under-steer when pushed hard into entry of the corner. In contrast the 18 inch tyres on my car, 'bite' much better at initial turn in.

Seats are great, very comfortable, but supportive, with electronic adjustment for just about everything you could think of adjusting. I have had a few BMW's with 'I Drive' and I still hate it and agree with Top Gear that it should be called 'I Crash'. But it's on there and I have to accept it.

I opted for 'High Beam Assistant', which was a mistake - it's rubbish. Its meant to select high and low beam in appropriate situations, but it doesn't. Driving the night I bought the car, I realised this when I was on a pitch black country lane, cornering at reasonable speed when it caught a reflective glimpse of a road sign and dipped the high beam unexpectedly. It made a number of mistakes throughout the drive, so I will always switch it to manual now.

When it's run-in I will leave update of how it performs, but overall I think it's great value compared to what else is in the market place.

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Review Date: 20th September, 2007

7th Oct 2007, 18:43

Thanks for that. I always find it most important to hear what the OWNERS think.

After all, Jeremy Clarkson is there to entertain first and to give unbiased opinions second.

13th May 2010, 01:44

Good review, though funnily enough calling headlight assist "rubbish" reminded me of JC!