1995 BMW M5 3.8 straight 6 from UK and Ireland


Probably the best car I have ever owned... apart from the niggles!


Broken throttle cable

Clutch release bearing

A/C compressor seized

Cam chain tensioner failed

Electrical fault with instrument lights

Occasional hesitation under acceleration.

General Comments:

Overall, a great car.

Comfortable on a long journey yet quick enough to give anything a run for it's money on the A-roads.

I had one of the last of the run, one of 25 metallic green paint / petrol blue leather interior.

Luckily, I was working away and only used it on my vacation time however, there were several faults during my possession of the car which were pretty major although all were covered by the excellent BMW warranty.

The dealers were slow to change the clutch bearing after I suggested it in the very beginning and in the end, fiddled the warranty by me paying for the clutch parts and them replacing the input shaft bearing and paying the labour.

Servicing was very regular, about every 7500 miles from the indicator and a set of front tyres were needed pretty much each service (Bridgestone SO-2), the backs lasting about another 3000 miles.

The servicing was, I thought, expensive - 850GBP for an inspection II. I believe the next generation were a bit more reasonable on this count.

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2006