2000 BMW M Roadster M 3.2 STRAIGHT SIX from UK and Ireland


Very quick and very cheap to buy


Needed new vanos-That's it!!

General Comments:

Best performance car I have ever owned. Well built and ultra reliable. Performance is superb with cheap running cost's.A budget supercar as it will destroy most other cars on the road. They are so cheap to buy now too.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2006

1999 BMW M Roadster from North America


Great performer + reliable


Front right vent is loose; should be repaired easily.

Small piece on the top near the plastic rear window needed to be re-attached.

New left tweeter speaker, covered under warranty.

Squeaky brakes on occasion.

General Comments:

I'm very impressed with the combination of great looks, reliability, and quickness/agility. I've had this car up to 130 mph with the top down and it begs for more.

This is even my daily driver in the winter, and with winter tires, it's not too bad.

It doesn't get great mileage (usually 24 mpg combined city/highway), but for what it has offered me, it's okay.

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Review Date: 7th April, 2004

1998 BMW M Roadster ZM 3.2 DOHC 24v petrol from UK and Ireland


A high performance exclusive beast of a car happy on a circuit, motorway or supermarket run


I have had a new clutch and gearbox fitted, but this was due to a faulty installation and covered on warranty.

General Comments:

Extremely quick car in corners and a straight line. Eats any Porches under the 911 Turbo for breakfast!

Long bonnet and flared wheel arches make for a great look and feel from within the car. 4 Exhaust pipes, big alloys and flared wheel arches make for a great look from anywhere.

High number of gadgets to look after you such as heated and electric seats, electric roof / windows etc.

Cabin a bit cramped and steering wheel a little large for the taller ones, but I am 6'4" and am still comfortable.

Also has a small boot - but big enough for 2 to go away for the weekend.

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Review Date: 24th January, 2003

2002 BMW M Roadster 3.2 straight six from UK and Ireland


The Ultimate Hooligan's Machine


No faults.

General Comments:

Blisteringly fast car. The performance figures don't prepare you for the insane acceleration on offer in any gear, and at any revs. Above 4,000 RPM it really goes ballistic, and if there's a better sounding production car engine in existence, I haven't heard it. It still makes the hair stand up on my neck every time I rev it.

Handling is superb too, once you appreciate it will barbecue the rear tyres and hang its tail out at the slightest opportunity. Thankfully it has steering and brakes which are both superb in terms of feel and accuracy. It's the kind of car that makes you seek out deserted roundabouts and lap them several times, completely sideways and feeling like a total hero.

Downsides? I just can't drive it sensibly, and hence destroyed a set of rear tyres in just 7,000 miles! Dealers are also arrogant and pricey. That said, I love this car because it's a total animal, and its 100% driver focused, just like my previous TVR Chimaera. Except this starts every time I want to use it, and doesn't require top level breakdown cover each time I dare to venture more than a mile from home.

Yes it's a BMW, and hence it has an image problem, but one blast in this mad, rocket-sled powered mini-hearse will sell you. It's totally bonkers and unlike any other BMW, it has a touch of individuality. I'm converted.

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Review Date: 11th December, 2002

8th Jan 2006, 20:05

Awesome review!

11th Feb 2006, 09:51

That is a very true series of statements.

I have a 2001 M Roadster in Imola Red and Tan interior. The car is amazingly fast and agile. I am always impressed with the handling capabilities of the car when I enter corners, hit the gas and pull out of the apex of the turn. It's as flat as a go-cart. Upon pushing the accelerator at RPM's above 3300 the engine roar and exhaust notes cover the entire sound spectrum. It sounds almost "Indy 500" like. Did you ever hear what 8300 RPM's actually sounds like? Most people haven't. Rest assured, I do my best to spread the word... In this case, spread the sound.

In doing some upgrades, my goal was to keep the car looking as factory as possible. I did however add a few chrome pieces to the interior (headlight switch, cig-lighter and parking break button) the carry through with the factory chrome already installed. I had an Alpine Amp and MB Quart component speakers installed all the way around. I had BMW do the Carver Sunfire sub-woofer upgrade as well. It all sounds crisp, clear and powerful together. I also had it wired with an I-pod jack that allows me to control the I-pod with the factory BMW head unit. Because I wanted to keep the factory BMW head unit, I did have some issues with controlling the output of the sub that BMW was not able to help me with. It was simply too strong and overpowering. However, any local car stereo place can install a control button to increase/decrease the output of the sub. I had the control knob installed on the rear of the center dash next to the power roof button and in the already provided factory slot. It's a small black turn knob. It works and looks great.

I had clear front lamp covers installed and upgraded the bulbs all the way around. I also had a Dinan front Strut-Bar brace installed to increase structural stability. I'm ready to purchase a set of run-flat tires because not having a spare tire in a blow out situation (where the "M Mobility Kit" would be useless) leaves me feeling somewhat vulnerable.

I recently looked through a older BMW accessories book and found out that BMW makes a set of driving/fog lights for the M Roadster. I called the local dealership who was able to order the light kit as well as perform the install. They are round hi-intensity driving lights that actually mount in the lower grille. A friend installed a switch for me on the left side of of wheel (same as the tire pressure monitoring switch) so it's looks completely factory. This allows me to turn the driving lights on and off no matter what position the master light switch is in. They look awesome at dusk with just the parking lights on as well as with the full head lights on.

I highly recommend them to anyone with the M Roadster.