2001 BMW Mini Cooper 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


Leaks oil and breaks a lot - just like the original


Two oil leaks

Gearbox needed replacement at 6,000 miles!

Battery went flat while driving

Uneven front tyre wear

Stereo stopped working

Passenger seat broke.

General Comments:

Fun car. Direct steering, pointy handling, torquey little engine and gorgeous to look at! Just like the original. Unfortunately, they took the whole "original Mini" experience too far and included the pools of oil appearing underneath, as well as countless other silly problems. No wonder BMW don't badge it directly as a BMW, it would kill their reputation overnight. A corker of a car in terms of what it does, but seriously disappointing to own. Don't think I'd buy another.

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Review Date: 10th September, 2002

15th Sep 2002, 14:02

I had my appointments for test drives canceled because the demonstrators wouldn't run properly. I do hope they get it right eventually. Pity the poor owners of very early cars as these already have a reputation.

2001 BMW Mini Cooper 1.6 from UK and Ireland




Rear wiper not wiping top of screen - fixed it myself by bending it..!

Otherwise fine!

General Comments:

My car is yellow and white - this has to be the best colour combination available. It looks great.

I paid for air con, and a part leather interior. The air is worth the extra, the leather isn't.

The car attracts attantion where-ever it goes. It's seriously great to drive, with pin-sharp steering and excellent brakes. The ride is firm at slower speeds, but when pressing on, it is very secure.

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2002

2001 BMW Mini Cooper 1.6i from UK and Ireland


A modern day Alfa Romeo, fun, but unreliable, a true labour of love


Gearbox broke down on the motorway, leaving me stuck in 5th gear, after only 7800 miles (still in the garage as replacement parts may take anything up to 2 months).

Engine went flat if I didn't drive it for a few days (happened 3 times), required a replacement MD player and a replacement engine management module in the first couple of months of ownership.

Passenger seat adjuster got stuck had to be replaced.

Fuel gauge not accurate (part has been on order for about 2.5 months without any word).

Dashboard squeaks (no hope of any repair).

One-touch electric windows doesn't always work.

Front windows get wet... on the inside.

Rear of car got vandalised, badge got nicked, was quoted GBP1000 to fix it!! Badge only cost GBP10!!

Rubber on pedals starting to look very worn.

General Comments:

I love this car... if only I could rely on it.

I love the looks, my big 16 inch white wheels look great with the white roof, white mirrors and dark metallic blue paint. I get loads of compliments and admiring looks. The handling is excellent with the optional sports plus suspension I have, if a little firm on most roads. Performance is not shattering, but adequate, would love the Cooper S. Loads of gorgeous little design features, the toggle switches, the way the window drops a little into the frameless doors (just like my Dad's 3 series coupe!), illuminated sun visors, plush roof lining, pressure sensitive boot handle, hydraulic arms on the bonnet lid, etc.

Negatives (apart from everything that has gone wrong) include the tiny boot, the noisy power steering (especially from the outside, it sounds like a radio control car!) and the lack of a glove box. Optional extras were pricey, all my extras took it from GBP11600 to GBP14200, nearly enough for the Cooper S!!

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Review Date: 5th June, 2002

1st Aug 2002, 03:25

V interesting reading "A modern day Alfa Romeo.." review. I too love my Cooper, but have had several disappointments:

- Day 2 oil leak + steering problem (6 weeks later got car back, fitted with new strut which had been re-designed and made in Germany)

- then! problems with interior warning lights coming on, loud rattles from the dashboard, squeaky springs in the seat and finally collapsed springs in driver seat! Well, at least I have the gearbox problem dealt with. Fingers crossed I've broken her in now, 6 months after buying my dream car (except I'm now lusting after the Cooper S like everyone else!!). Performance and appearance-wise I'm 100% delighted despite all the above!

17th Sep 2002, 15:55

Update on my car, I was contacted by my BMW dealer from whom I had bought the car to be told that I qualified for a replacement vehicle! An entirely new car, even though mine has done 11k and is nearly a year old.

They did ask me for a £250 contribution, but I stood my ground complaining that the faults were in no way my fault and they kindly agreed to waive any contributions on my part.

Excellent BMW service... no way related to my letter that appeared in Autocar that week...?

2001 BMW Mini One 1.6 16v from UK and Ireland


Don't bother with a new Beetle - get a new Mini!!


Absolutely nothing so far. The driver's seat had a bit of a squeak, but adjusting the rake angle has fixed it.

The power steering pump moans away to itself all the time, but I think it's just a trait of the car - it works perfectly.

General Comments:

The Mini One is very nippy with 115BHP on tap and very quiet at motorway speeds. The Cooper is be even better, and the new Cooper S will be incredible.

It's handling is reminiscent of the old minis. It's very responsive and corners beautifully. The brakes are fantastic with disks all round and anti-lock.

Slightly surprised at the lack of a spare wheel. You get a tyre-weld kit instead as standard, but you can order a spare wheel as an optional extra.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2002

22nd May 2002, 04:05

Hey there!! If you have a Mini One, how is it that you have 115bhp?? As far as I am concerned, the MINI One has 90bhp. It says so on www.mini.com.

BTW: Great choice on buying the new MINI:) )

23rd May 2002, 03:15

Ah yes, perhaps I should have said it feels like it has 115BHP. You're quite right it only has 90.