2007 BMW Mini Cooper Convertible from North America


The clutch went out at 9,000 miles. For no reason it just broke. I drive it very cautiously. I don't do anything that you would do in a regular sports car, I treat it with care.

My daughter has a Mini and her clutch went out at 12,000 miles and 33,000 miles.

There is obviously a problem here. There is information about it all over Internet. I do not recommend anyone to buy them.

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Review Date: 15th February, 2008

17th Feb 2008, 10:08

Just a note. The 2007 mini convertible is a carry over from the 2006 model that is supercharged not turbocharged with a Chrysler motor. There is no resemblence mechanically to a 2007 coupe.

2007 BMW Mini Cooper S 1.6 turbo petrol from UK and Ireland


Love/hate relationship


This is my second Mini Cooper S after BMW replaced my existing Mini with a brand new Mini, due to the numerous faults I had.

I have now owned my new Mini for approx 3 months; it has approx 1,500 miles and already there are faults.

Firstly the car has returned to have the windscreen ducting installed, as it was not fitted from the factory; this was causing a very awful squeaking noise as the dash was butting up to the windscreen.

Secondly, I now have the same problem as I did on my old Mini; I have contacted mini who confirm this is a feature or more like a fault in my opinion. From time to time upon starting the car, it makes a terrible diesel type noise. Mini have informed me this noise is due to the tappets not filling with oil, hence the noise. It sounds awful.

Thirdly, I have a rattle coming from the left side, possible the suspension; this fault was also reported on my old mini. Mini were unable to rectify this fault on my old Mini.

Please, please, please, is there anybody out there with the same faults.? I am so disappointed with my car, you pay all this money, expecting quality, but instead I am very dissatisfied!!!

General Comments:

The Mini S looks great from all angles, the performance is also impressive for a 1.6. The car handles and drives very well indeed.

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Review Date: 14th February, 2008

16th Feb 2008, 16:52

My Mini 2007 MCS at 11k has had a few minor annoyances, but nothing that has warranted visiting the dealer. I have experienced none of the issues that you have mentioned.

Strongly suggest that you go on the Nam Mini site at http://www.northamericanmotoring.com/ and check out problem forums, then get with the dealer and they will correct. Motor on.

My own review was posted on the Carsurvey site six months or more ago, and have had no reason to change a word of it.

5th Mar 2008, 06:11

I have a new Cooper, and so far so good. Squeaking suspension can be annoying and disappointing on a new car, but the dealer really should sort this out. But this depends on the dealer! Noisy valve train from cold is quite normal, and can be made worse when the weather is cold. Unless you leave the engine idling, it should go as soon as the engine RPM is increased. But usually it should only be noisy when cold starting and not every time with a warm engine.

The only poor quality I have found on my MINI are that knobs for both the mirrors and the stereo volume, feel and look cheap. I am expecting them to fall off anytime. And the small covering hatches for the brake fluid and battery are terrible. The entire plastic cover in front of the windscreen and the hatches are moulded in one. The hinge is just the plastic. First time I opened the one on the right hand side (just to see what was there) it broke off! No excuse from BMW for this sort of stuff.

29th Sep 2009, 20:40

I worked in a mini parts warehouse. We've sold a lot of replacement parts. The parts that BMW uses on the Mini's are not very good quality. I stick with my common Honda Civic.