2013 BMW X3 X-drive 2.8i 2.0 turbo from North America


Comfortable, reliable and surprisingly economical on long trips


At 14,000 miles the oil level sensor failed.

At 43,000 miles I had a return oil line for the turbocharger replaced.

Service after the maintenance plan expired has cost much less than expected.

While tires (run flats) are expensive, my original set lasted 48,000 miles; more than acceptable for OEM performance tires.

General Comments:

It's very comfortable on long drives. On pure highway trips, it's possible to get more than 32 miles per gallon using premium gasoline.

Acceleration is brisk. Interior noise levels are quite low for an SUV. My car has the winter package, which includes a heated steering wheel - perfect on cold mornings.

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Review Date: 3rd June, 2016

19th Jun 2019, 00:24

The review was made in 2016. BMW has had BIG problems with the n20 and n25 engines. Defective timing chain guide. Do some research on the internet. My daughter said the price of an engine replacement mentioned was CAN $25000. She did not have to pay as BMW repaired for free - keep those maintenance receipts! Strange that this defect is not in the news. I read that this has cost BMW half a billion dollars for repairs. I believe the 2014 X3 does not have this problem.

2005 BMW X3 3.0i from North America


A highly built, quality vehicle


I have only had this car for a very short time (less than a year). So far, no problems yet. I bought it with a little over 107,000 miles. This car was in very good condition when I bought it.

General Comments:

I have only had this car for a very short time. So far, no problems yet. I bought it with a little over 107,000 miles. This car was in very good condition. I bought in Milford, CT. It had a very clean interior.

It is very responsive. Very fast. The seats are a little stiff compared to my 2007 Envoy Denali. The suspension is stiff (first BMW I owned), but I am comparing it to other cars that I have owned (Ford Explorer, GMC Envoy, Acura 3.2 CL).

Overall, the car is very well built. The interior is nicely laid out. High quality interior trims.

Very happy with this car. The wife loves it.

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Review Date: 8th May, 2012

2007 BMW X3 3.0i from North America


Love it, and will be sad that I can't replace it with a newer manual model in the future


Needed new brakes when bought, but we were aware of that requirement.

Check light kept coming on and off in the beginning, but might have been the fuel cap not tightened. Car was OK, and check light hasn't been on recently.

General Comments:

Car has a lot of energy. It wants to go. Great fun to drive.

Love the manual gearbox, although it took me a while to make comfortable gear changes, and I have been driving manual for 30 years. Why has BMW stopped making manual gearboxes available in North America for this model?

Live on a Canadian acreage. Great in the snow.

Basic trim, but fully functional, and everything feels well-made.

Love the blue colour.

Choppy on rough roads, but feels secure and is quiet inside the cabin

Good amount of room in the back for adults; my sons were outgrowing the back of my Mazda 3, and this SUV copes well

Easily tows a sailboat

Great driving position, and easy to park

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Review Date: 24th March, 2012

2005 BMW X3 2.5i 2.5 from North America


Ideal for serious drivers who live in snow country


A secondary thermostat in the water pump assembly failed just out of warranty: $400 at my BMW specialist (I hate to imagine what the dealer would charge).

General Comments:

Not quite an SUV, but bigger than a 3-series wagon, the X3 handles extremely well; 6-speed manual transmission makes for great flexibility, and driving fun too.

It is large enough for almost all family uses, from shopping to camping.

The children complained a bit about the 'hard rear seats', but oddly enough only at first, and not on long trips...

We towed a small trailer (900 kg), and the engine was up to the job, even through the Rockies.

Choppy ride on rough pavement, but solid in corners at speed on rough pavement...

Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear got an X3 stuck in deep mud with street tires, and declared it useless -- but with good winter tires, the X3 is simply brilliant in winter, BOTH on ice AND in deep snow. This is a bit of a niche use, but the combination of higher clearance, XDrive, snow tires and manual transmission makes this the best winter car I have owned or even driven in 27 Canadian winters (better than Audi quattro cars and AWD Subarus). I challenge Clarkson to find a better vehicle st this price for heavy winter driving AND competent roadholding in summer.

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Review Date: 5th February, 2011

12th Feb 2018, 11:20

I got an 06 for my daughter. Great car. Fun to drive.

We live in deep snow in California between Yosemite and Lake Tahoe. It's nice in the snow. And it is nearly as good as our Subarus in snow. But the contention that it is better than Subaru in deep snow? ... I don't think so.

Is it better... I mean is it a little more fun... in dry weather drivability? A little bit. Yes. I will agree to that. It has the BMW feel. It does.

Needed new half shafts for a funny drivability issue. But at 167,000 it's expected. My daughter helped. No big deal. Straightforward half shafts job. $136 total for both. Not bad as all. Dealer wanted $965. People pay that? Heck it's only a 2 hour job.

18th Feb 2018, 02:16

Citing Clarkson as an automotive authority really undermines your credibility. The man is a comedian, and nothing more.

18th Feb 2018, 10:32

The reviewer said Jeremy Clarkson declared the car useless, and was contradicted by reviewer re: the use of proper tyres. He didn't say Jeremy Clarkson was an authority. Well, thing is, he IS an authority - but is very opinionated, skewed towards his own personal preferences rather than giving the car he reviews any credit.