2007 BMW X5 Si 3.0L from North America


It's like designer jeans - you pay for name a bit more than comfort


Constant creaking and cracking noises - occasional rattling noises in passenger door and rear hatch noise.

Halo bulb went out and brake bulb went out within a week of each other.

Transmission started shifting hard at 52K miles (required service). $70/qt for ATF from BMW, as it can only use specified oil. And my transmission takes 10qts.

Lots of plastic accessories - electronic parking brake switch broke ($80) and 3rd row handle broke ($74).

Alarm module went bad at 53K miles ($900 to fix).

General Comments:

Great styling and comfort. Near useless 3rd row seat (unless you have very small children).

The 3.0 motor lacks a bit of oomph and power when accelerating on highways.

Adaptive headlights is a great feature.

Huge panoramic sunroof.

Voice control is hard to understand your voice.

Nice vehicle - comfortable - but for the money, there's better value out there. But the styling and comfort is top notch.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 20th March, 2012