27th May 2016, 15:49

I enjoy it. And it's not really at all a financial consideration. It's pride in doing things you never tried before. I also like new upgrades. It's cool to get a package when you get home from work and upgrade your own vehicle. It might wait til a weekend, but it gets done. In addition you know the job was done and done properly, torqued correctly without shortcuts. With all the YouTube videos out today, it's a really a great way to build knowledge. If you buy a special new tool or two, often the savings more than cover it. At first I used Auto Zone's scanner and now own my own. I quit making excuses and even my sons have helped when only 8 or 9, handing me tools at first. Now they do much of their own work. At least they know how to change simple headlight bulbs, put in a battery, wipers etc at first. Now over time they do brakes and one did an engine rebuild. Sitting on a couch isn't for me. I consider all I just mentioned quality time with my children vs video games and BS.

2nd Jan 2017, 10:39

I've had an 525i 2004, lovely car; the police took it off me. Problems with the old owner.

I have an E-Class 2001 now.

I'm buying and selling cars. Around 30 cars a year. I totally agree with what you've said. The problems with BMW, all the cars have. But I mean all of them. It's just about how crazy you are when you're making your choice.

If you go for a limo-like car, paying a couple of bucks, you'd be a total lunatic to expect that car to be trouble free. And if on the top of that you're not quite into mechanics, then you've done the business of your life.

Open your eyes and buy something suitable to your needs and possibilities.

Good luck and drive safe.