2001 BMW Z3 Roadster 2.3 2.3 litre I6 from North America


Great little car for the young at heart AND age


Nothing but minor dings and a chip in the right rear rim.

VERY reliable, more stress on very.

General Comments:

Runs on regular, so very cheap gas (recommended in manual and dealership)

Reaves import motorcars has been a pleasure and if you live anywhere near Tampa bay Florida I HIGHLY recommend going their. We just got a new Land Rover discovery from them and we are getting the new 540 from them.

Car is fast when you want, and docile when you want it.

Engine silky smooth, transmission is short and smooth. Why in gods name do you need a short shifter with shifts this short?!?!?!

Insurance not bad, 600 for every 6 months.

Handling is beautiful, not too fast or slow. Feels neutral in turns, not that rear biased.

Our car is a limited edition red color with cream interior and wood trim with M Shifter and steering wheel.

Stereo system is a charm. Lots of bass and is CRYSTAL clear. BMW hit the interior off well. Stays clean easily and is quick to tidy up.

Only complaint is rear plastic window.

Excellent daily driver. Served as one till the Land Rover was purchased.

No oil consumption, broken in properly.

1st day purchased high school and college girls would follow me when I drove it... obviously they love them.

Little cramped, but I'm not holding that against it. Very hard to get it, I'm 6 foot 230lbs and work out, so legs and shoulders are tight, but I like it like that. FEELS like a sports car, I don't want ample space! I have an SUV for that.

Yes, you see a lot of them. more than 200k produced since introduction. But think of this before you bash BMW. more than a million civics are sold worldwide, compared to little over 1mill worldwide for ALL of BMW, not just one model. Little food for thought.

I highly recommend, buy if possible. Wish I got the 3litre option, but the 2.3 is fine.

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Review Date: 19th December, 2003

2001 BMW Z3 Roadster No designation 2.2 petrol from UK and Ireland


The best roadster BMW have ever made!


Nothing has gone wrong. It is really reliable!

General Comments:

This super car goes like lightning!

The exhaust rumbles - and l love it!

I have got a steptronic gear box, which means you can let it change the gears for you or go into steptronic mode and push the lever up or down with a gentle tap!

It is topaz blue and has classic cream leather interior. I also have a walnut wood dashboard. It has a blue soft top.

On my opinion, it was a real bargain on such a fantastic car!

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Review Date: 27th October, 2003