1985 Buick Century from North America


Good car bad paint


Buick Century was still fairly new, my first NEW car when thr paint starting coming off hood truck and top of car. The air conditioner quit working soon thereafter. The car still runs good, but looks like a rust bucket. Buick would never recall their paint with its bad primer. I will probably own the car for another twenty years just so that everyone can see Buicks fine work, but I went back to Fords.

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Review Date: 24th August, 2007

1985 Buick Century 4 cylinder from North America


Tough, good on gas


Very sluggish vehicle. Didn't seem to want to move when I stepped on the gas.

Other than that, it was a good car. Had pretty high mileage, but ran fairly well. I would have driven it longer, but I got in an accident with it.

General Comments:

Good on gas, I suppose because it was a 4 cylinder.

The thing that most impressed me: When I got into an accident with this vehicle, I was hit on the passenger side front door, by a car doing 45 MPH. The window in the door that was hit was down, and the window never shattered after the door was hit. Basically, my passenger's life was saved by the ruggedness of that vehicle. To me that's pretty amazing.

I am not sure I would by another Buick though. They aren't sporty looking enough for my tastes.

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Review Date: 14th February, 2006

1985 Buick Century LIMITED 2.5 GAS from Mexico


The best buy I've ever had


After 20 years, the windows roll down slow.

It needed tires (white-wall) four times.

Also, the shock absorbers were replaced three times, the second with normal units because the air-system from the factory was (and still is) very expensive.

One valve-job in 2004.

Tail lenses replaced in 2004.

General Comments:

This is my first and only car.

I bought it new when I was 24, and I try to keep it in the best condition.

Air conditioning began to leak gas this summer.

In Mexico, this model is not regarded as Buick, but "General Motors Century".

It has a soft ride, almost as that of a full-size car.

The materials used in this car are of good quality; they still look as new, and I have complements from other drivers when I pull into the gas stations in regards the looks and general condition of the car.

I would like to paint my Century with the pattern used by Buick back in 1957, as a Road-master.

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Review Date: 21st October, 2005

1985 Buick Century Limited 4 cylinder from North America


This is a fairly reliable car for its age.


Bought from used dealership perfectly working for $500, and then... the brake pads gave out. Had to replace for $350 including labor.

Also, the fat cooling hose developed a slit and had to replace that for $10, but I got free labor from the son of one of my clients in exchange for fixing his computer.

Still had a leaking radiator, but I fixed that using bottled pellet stop-leak.

Otherwise, usual signs of 20 years on the road: falling sideview mirror, noisy engine, unbalanced speakers, etc.

General Comments:

Had it tuned up and lubed during the brake service, and poured the pellets down the radiator.

Everything works perfectly again :)

Overall, this is the best car I've ever owned as its engine has never failed me while driving.

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Review Date: 26th September, 2005

1985 Buick Century Limited 2.5 Iron Duke from North America


One Tough car!!


I had to replace the ignition module.

Had to get new tires as a result of nailing a curb.

Replaced both Constant Velocity shafts.

New spark plugs and wires, distributor cap and rotor.

Now the car has had a cracked block for a few months and is leaking coolant into the oil. Amazingly it doesn't even knock.

General Comments:

I beat the living crap out of this car since the day I owned it. I ran it though the mud, beat it through ditches, down dirt roads and best of all it was a great snow plow. Also tried to use it once as an airplane.

After two years and 40,000 miles of pure beating I ran it through a demolition derby. The car is unbelievably still good for another run.

I would highly recommend this car to anyone. This is the toughest and most reliable car I have ever owned.

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Review Date: 20th October, 2002

1985 Buick Century LTD 2.0 L 4 cylinder from North America


Indestructible economical tank


Rear view mirror fell off.

Ceiling starting to droop.

Cheap Delco radio display non-working, needs a smack once in a while, also seems to be a tone generator.

Fan relay (a few wires) cut out.

General Comments:

This is the most reliable car I've ever had. Prior to this I've had a Lincoln Continental, and Mercury Grand Marquis. This car has never left me stranded, and I've never seen a car take so much impact and come out unscathed.

It is also incredibly good on gas, even without an overdrive gear. I made it 600 miles on a little over half a tank.

This car will keep going after what's left of the body is completely rusted off. Go Buick!

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Review Date: 10th January, 2002

1985 Buick Century 3.0 from North America


Economic with luxury


Stiff power steering.

Front wheel bearing unit.

Loose/leaky windshield.

Replaced rusted and leaking gas tank.

Normal stuff... brakes, exhaust, plugs, distributor cap, etc.

General Comments:

My first car and I still drive it daily. It has been a very economical vehicle. I could not be happier. I hate to see the car dying a slow rusting death. I have always done all repairs myself and am very familiar with the car, which makes repairs easier. Good car to work on.

Diacom computer is very useful for diagnostics.

Performance of this car is poor other than ride quality.

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Review Date: 15th March, 2001