14th Jun 2010, 20:57

In response to this review and its comment, I would like to say that you two seem to be amateur shoppers (no offense); 700 per window? NO WAY!! I have a 2002 Buick Century and you can find the regulators brand new on ebay super cheap. They only cost 28 bucks a piece. Also I am a mechanic and I would never charge 200 in labor per regulator installed. I charge only 100 per window, and 180 if you needed 2 replaced etc.

You guys need to stay away from dealerships. They don't pay the techs near enough money, and they overcharge for the labor. If you pay $200 dollars in labor, odds are the tech that did the labor only got 30 dollars AT MOST. So get on craigslist.org and find yourself a freelance ASE certified tech in the automotive services section. He'll work for less and you'll get better service and value. You can even do it yourself, it's not that hard.

Dealerships are only good for when you want to buy a new car. After the warranties are up, they turn back into the same shifty salesmen they were when they sold you the car, and extracting mass sums of money out of you for petty things is the main goal.

The 2002 Buick Century is a great car, and tremendous value for the money. It provides comfort, and luxury and good power is always there when you need it. Fuel economy is good, but reduced a good amount for me when I put 20 inch rims on mine to give it a younger look.

If you don't like the interior, you can dress it up with wood grain dash kits for around 156 on eBay and a few other nifty trinkets. I took out the factory stereo in mine and replaced it with a touch screen DVD/CD/MP3/Bluetooth multimedia center that cost me 158.00 on eBay and my car looks awesome!! So shop around! Dealerships are expensive for everyone. Tell me one cheap dealership and I'll tell you I'm wrong ha ha. Have a good one fellas. Good luck.

18th Feb 2011, 09:58

Thanks for the advice on the Century. I appreciate it. I also agree with your takes on dealerships. I always have believed that. Unfortunately, I was quoted the same price everywhere I went. Believe me, I shopped around. I am a pretty cheap guy.

My real problem with the windows are that they are in need of repair. I understand that things go wrong with vehicles. I am not one of those people that doesn't understand that there needs to be a significant amount of upkeep on a car. However, the fact the windows have these issues speaks volumes. I've owned many cars and known those who have owned many others. None of them had ever heard of such a problem, on all windows at this point, on a car with such few miles on it.

Like I said, there have been no major issues (transmission, engine, etc), which is good. There have been many small things, such as the window repair.