17th Sep 2005, 01:59

I bought my 1999 Buick century in 2001. It is a smooth, comfortable, long travel car. My friend has a 1992 Buick century that has 277000 miles. That is great!

My position is every car has some problem, even BMW or Benz.

My experience is this car has some problems:

1: master window switch goes bad, but you can replace it for about $75.00.

2: blower motor condictioner bad; it is near the motor at the front passenger side. Cost: $35.00.

3:cold start has some noise.

4:need to check oil each week and refill. Looks like the oil burns a little bit.

5:headlight has a design problem. It does not work when turning and the light ball burns easily.

6:wheel cover easily falls out

7:ABS sometime not working

8:paint is not in good shape.

18th Feb 2006, 12:21

I love my 1999 Buick Century. I bought it in 2002. My main problem is that I have a water leakages. It is going to cost me close to $400. to have it dianosed and fixed.

15th Jan 2008, 00:56

I own a 1999 century and let me tell you, it has been the best car I have ever owned. The only things that I have ever replaced was the water pump and the belt tensioner which I broke. The Buick Century is the best car ever to have been built. My partner is a very rich man and owns a Maybach and tells me that the seats in the Century are more comfortable than the 400,000 plus Maybach. I truly believe that the Century should have never been discontinued. It was a truly A-1 car.

15th Jan 2008, 17:52

The Century is still in production in many senses, under a new name called LaCrosse. Sure it has a different engine (3.6 or 3.8) as opposed to the 3.1, and a slightly stiffer ride (still far superior to any car in it's class and many more expensive ones). Overall, former Century owners will be very much at home in the better appointed LaCrosse.

Buick still makes a great traditional American mid-size, that meets the needs and wants of an older customer far better than the Camry or Accord.

Did Buick make a mistake changing the name, sure. But that doesn't make the car completely different from its predecessor. After all, just look at the '08 Ford Taurus, can anyone say 500?

If you pass the LaCrosse up because of name only, you are missing out on a great replacement for your Century.