6th Dec 2007, 10:33

I realize it's been 3 years since this review, but hopefully the poster still has it. I agree with the comment above (1st May 2007, 15:38) ; it may very well be the tires. Interestingly, I saw a used Century last month at a dealership which had tires the size actually meant for the Regal. The Regal is the sportier and more powerful version of the Century that's no bigger, but too alike to tell the difference from a distance. Anyway, the Regal needs bigger tires due to its V6 being more powerful (195-200 hp for LS, or 240 for GS) than the Century's (160-175 hp). So, whoever outfitted this set perhaps used the Regal LS as a reference point. If the original poster still has the car, he or she might want to have its tires checked to make sure they're the right size. I mean, the same-generation Century, *not* the Regal or any other Buick, should be referenced to ensure the specifications are correct.

3rd Sep 2008, 23:05

I have a Buick Century which has had ever single window fail over 3 years @ 500.00 each (out of warranty).

Google "Buick window failure" you get hundreds of hits... this is a huge repair bill for the price of this car. Buick knows about this (dealer agreed) and "fixed" the motor in the 2006+ models of all the cars...nice..

Don't buy Buick.

2nd Apr 2011, 18:55

I have owned a 2000 Buick Century since it was new. The best car I have ever had. I have always kept up all manufacturer's maintenance schedules to the letter. I think the reason a lot of people have problems is because they think just because you pay a lot of money for a new vehicle, you shouldn't have to do anything but drive it. It doesn't work that way. Any vehicle, any make or brand will eventually break down if you don't do routine maintenance.