25th Feb 2006, 17:41

$60 to fill the tank in a Century!? That's roughly $3.75 a gallon! No way.

26th Feb 2006, 13:33

Gas may well be $3.75/gallon in Canada. As the other post states, this sounds like a pretty good car for being 15 years old, with relatively low miles. What does surprise me is that for the low mileage (6,300 kms/yr), you are having to fill it up every 4 days. You must have bought this used and are suddenly putting a drastic increase in usage on it. If the worst thing that happens is that the seams are starting to tear, I don't see the problem. That's why Advance Auto Parts sells seat covers for $15.99. You put them on to protect the seats. The power steering pump is squealing? Try checking the fluid level once in a while. I'm not really seeing a lot of basis for complaint on this car.

24th Jan 2007, 11:35

I have a 91 Buick Century with 123,500 miles on it. As of right now with gas prices at $1.93 a gallon it only costs me about $25 to fill up and the tank lasts me about a week and a half. The car has stayed in relatively good shape and in good working condition. Even with the abuse given to it by its previous owner. The only two problems with the car are it needs a new alternator and a transmission fluid leak in the bottom of the car. Both are not that big of a problem.

30th Jan 2007, 19:05

I'm am buying a 91 Buick Century with 100.000 miles on it. but the guy said that when it shifts into 1st gear its easy, but 2nd & 3rd is hard. some one told me to that it is a throttle pressure cable that goes from your transmission to your carburetor or throttle body. This controls the shift points and sometimes the heat causes the little plastic connector that holds it on to become brittle and break, causing erratic shifting is that what. is the what I need to fix. the engine stalls when it gets hot.. how do I fix that if someone can help me out.


5th Aug 2010, 13:36

I just purchased 91 Buick century in mint condition with only 39,000 km's on it, and what a great car. I normally buy Japanese, but the price of $1000.00 turned me on to it. I'm hoping to store for the winter and then see what it maybe worth 10 years from now. My 8 yr. old daughter may adopt it from me then.