1984 Buick Electra Park Avenue Oldmobile 307 (V8) from North America


Very comfortable and reliable car


I had the following repairs done on the car while it was in my possession:

- Fuel pump and one of the fuel pipes -- one of the prior owners dinged the pipe up working on it really bad, and it was impeding fuel delivery.

- Heater core. I caught it well before it dumped anti freeze on me by a slight maple syrupy smell.

- New starter and starter wiring.

- New battery.

- It was imported from Canada and the engine had no emissions stuff, so I had to get an EGR value installed to pass emissions.

- Carburetor work -- after replacing the fuel pump and pipe, the carburetor need a complete re-adjustment.

- Front tie rod.

- The A/C worked, but not long before it was totaled, the A/C compressor locked up, which caused coolant to dump out. My mechanic removed the belt and replaced the other belt with a fatter belt to keep it from breaking and reduce belt squeal. I was about to get a new compressor so I could get my A/C working again, but I was rear ended at a stop light by an '89 Suburban.

General Comments:

I'm not really sure of the original mileage, but I think I got it with 300k. I put 200k on the car, and while I did have some issues, it really was a very good car. And in great overall condition for a car its age too! It was totaled in 2009 with I believe 500k on it, and still did not burn a drop of oil!

The car got rear ended three times. First time was a minivan and the second time was a Subaru. They messed up the front of their car, but all I had to do was get a crowbar and pull out my rear-bumper.

The third time, the rear end of the frame folded in and it took the exhaust out as well. I replaced it with a 2005 Cadillac STS.

The Buick was a great car. It had the most comfortable seats that I have ever sat in, by far. As a Park Avenue trim, it had the extra padding on top of the seats, and the seats were more comfortable than my living room couch!

I also upgraded the audio system to the top grade components. I got a really good deal on the speakers, subwoofer and head unit, and I won a used Memphis Belle amplifier on a poorly worded eBay ad for nearly free. I could have entered the car into shows for the audio -- and possibly won!

I wish GM still made quality cars like this. The fact is I owned a Cadillac CTS for one year and only put about 12k on it, and had far more repairs to that car than I had on the Buick in just short of 200k miles, and each repair was more expensive as well. I would consider another old Buick if I did not move and need all wheel drive, but I would not consider any post bankruptcy era GM car again.

I got a combined around 19.5 MPG on this car as well.

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2015

5th Aug 2015, 12:16

The reason you had so few repairs on this 80s car, and so many repairs on your 2000s car was simply this: the older technology was better technology.

6th Aug 2015, 04:12

I used to own an 85 Buick LeSabre Limited, which is a very similar car, and I loved it!

The plush pillowtop seats were second to none for comfort, and I have driven/ridden in many luxury cars over the years. It also had a smooth as butter drivetrain, good highway fuel economy, and was incredibly quiet inside. Needless to say I miss that old beast, and would buy another in a heartbeat!