12th Jul 2001, 09:30

I can't imagine running a car like that here in the UK.

We pay the equivalent of more than $5 for a gallon of Unleaded! 15 miles for $5?! Ow!

8th Jan 2004, 11:09

My first car was a '79 Buick Electra Limited. At first sight, I hated it. It was just so big and I learned to drive in a smaller car. I soon got used to it though and I would spend hours polishing the dash, washing and waxing, vacuuming the interior, and finding cute decorations for it. I felt so completely comfortable in that car. It was my baby and during break times at work, I would actually take a nap in the back seat since it was so cozy. I bought it for $1200 when it had 110,000 miles to it. Soon after I had to totally fix the AC, but then again the previous owners had just let it set unused in a barn for over a year before selling it. At 170,000 miles, I had to replace the radiator hose and the thermostat. Other than that, in the year that I owned it, my only complaint was the gas mileage it got. That wasn't enough for me to get rid of it though. I finally had to retire it when someone ran a red light and plowed into me while speeding and totaled the whole front end. I didn't even have a scratch. I'm still trying to find another one like it to buy again.

15th Aug 2006, 02:51

I used to own a 1975 455 Buick Electra Ltd.

I drove it in Kuwait gas was cheap and this car was top of the range with every luxury.

I am in Australia at the moment and I would buy another if I could find one. I don't care about gas prices.

This car was so quiet and comfortable I am happy to pay for the gas.

14th Nov 2006, 16:31

Well I picked my 1979 Buick limited Electra at a steal. It had 90,0000 original miles on it and was in mint condition. I really love this car because of the way it handles and floats. It really is a nice car.

Brian Kirksville MO.

20th Feb 2010, 13:58

I have one, that I just bought for 500 bucks this summer. Even the cruise works. AC is disconnected, no belt to the compressor, so I will fix that come warm weather.

Needs a back window (currently plexi-glass), need to fix the sagging headliner, passenger mirror is broke off, and the ashtray is missing, the paint and body are very clean, undercarriage is clean, I put a new exhaust on it, and plan on duals this summer.

Had brand new tires when I bought it, and I haven't driven it much since I got it from my best friend. It will be my summer cruiser. Good ol baby-poo green with a white vinyl top and matching interior.

11th Jun 2010, 11:27

I'm selling my Mom's 1979 Buick Elecra for 2,400, but can't seem to get a nibble when the car rides great and looks great.

There's only 89,300 miles original on it. I drove it the other day to see why my Mom likes it so much and found I almost wanted to buy it from her. As I said it drove great, lots of comfort and the classiest car on the road compared to the Kia's, Honda's and VW's to only mention a couple.

14th Jun 2010, 17:12

Two door or four?