1996 Buick LeSabre LE 3.8L from North America


Good car if GM would step up and recall the manifold gasket


Intake manifold gasket leaked into the engine 3 times, and needed to be replaced 3 times since I have owned it.

General Comments:

Good car except for the plastic intake manifold gasket and plenum. It is getting too costly to repair. Next time, I am buying a Toyota Corolla or a VW Golf.

The dealer claims the new manifold gasket is metal, but who knows.

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Review Date: 6th January, 2009

7th Jan 2009, 08:06

Hopefully the gasket fixes it. Corollas have typically been reliable; the same cannot be said of the Golf, however. VW has been working on improving their quality, but there hasn't been enough time to see just how successful their efforts are. Nice thing about many VWs, though, is the availability of diesels.

1996 Buick LeSabre Custom 3.8 V6 from Israel


The window on the left side went wrong, and needed to be fixed.

The gears went wrong and were replaced (90000KM).

The front brakes and rear brakes were replaced. (90000, 95000KM)

General Comments:

This is a very good car, and it is warmly recommended. If you can afford this - you should think about it...

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Review Date: 27th June, 2001