8th Apr 2006, 09:22

This is a quandary. My 2003 La Sabre was sitting quietly in my garage when I heard the horn blare and then I saw the lights flash off and on.

This is what I would expect if some unauthorized person tried to enter or drive it away. The garage door was closed therefore it was not possible for anyone or anything to have entered the car. I pushed the "unlock" button and it stopped. Any suggestions as to why this might have happened would be appreciated.

Post Script: I don't believe in poltergeist.

27th May 2006, 16:35

That is hilarious! Perhaps the car has some serious electrical problems, or your key was in your pocket and the button rubbed against something, causing the lock or unlock button to go off...that's really pushing it.

21st Oct 2006, 13:07

I don't think it's hard to believe at all - it could have been a mouse or other small rodent thumping down onto the hood or setting off some kind of sensor within the vehicle. I've seen some cars (don't know about this one in particular) that the alarm will be triggered if you try the handle when it's locked. My kids tried to get in someone else's car one night at the movie theater and when she lifted the handle, the car's horn started honking and the lights flashed and she jumped about 12 feet. I have also experienced the car alarm going off for no apparent reason (particularly with my old Chrysler Sebring) and pushing unlock on the key fob wouldn't work, but sticking the key in the trunk lock would. Go figure. One morning, in an apartment complex parking lot, we could hear a horn honking incessantly,. Looking out the window, we could see a woman frantically trying to make it stop. I went out and told her to try the key in the trunk and it worked for her car, too. Some makes and models are just more sensitive with regard to the alarm system. Personally, I've never once set off the alarm doing anything except pushing the red alarm button on my key less remote with any of my Buick Regal's, nor has dad on his Park Avenue's.

I would still check the electrical lines for a short, though, just in case.

29th Nov 2006, 12:56

One day I was working in my flower beds when the alarm went off on our Pontiac. Upon checking I came to the conclusion that as I was bending over, the button on the key fob got pushed by another key on my key ring. Since I have accidentally activated it while digging in my pocket for change that seems to be a not too unlikely occurrence.

12th Jul 2007, 04:00

I've got that beat...

I was walking along the sidewalk in a low-traffic back road the other day and a large old van drove by. Right as it did, I heard the horn blare... I look up to see the man inside looking confused at the horn with his hands both in the air!

Eventually I guess he figured it was stuck that way because he drove out of sight, horn still blaring on its own.

10th Sep 2007, 13:02

My 200# Buick Lesabre has had the right front window go out about 1 month ago. I was told the regulator and motor was out and it cost $530.00 to fix. Just this week the right rear window has stopped working with the same problem. GM made the part out of plastic and it was fixed with the 2006 model. GM claims that they are unaware of this issue. They will refer you to a dealer to look at it at your cost.