2005 Buick Park Avenue Sedan 3.8 from North America


A holdout from a better time


The only real problem that I have had with the car is that the rubber vacuum on the B-pillar of the driver side front door was poorly fitted and made the door hard to open. The local Buick dealer adjusted the piece and it now opens fine.

The driver seat also has a small wear spot near the left edge. Probably because the previous elderly owner dragged his leg across it when getting in and out (still unacceptable for a car with less than 20,000 miles). I plan to have the bottom of the seat re-covered, the dealer quoted $600. It is worth it though since the rest of the car looks next to brand new.

I don't anticipate many problems since this model is known for being dead reliable. My previous Park Avenue, which I sold with over 140,000, had very few problems during my ownership.

General Comments:

I bought this car from an 84 year old gentlemen who was no longer able to drive. I drove it home 200 miles from Ohio to Indiana. It is loaded with every option except the 12 disc CD changer and the Gran Touring suspension, its not an Ultra either (it stickered for over $42,000!).

I really like the way the independent suspension floats over bumps, I just love driving this car. I never cared to have a sunroof, but have found I really enjoy using it and look forward to using the heated seats this winter. The only real gripe I have is the uncomfortable design of the seat belts, since they are attached to the seat they fit too tightly. I just go without them.

The car is diamond white with chrome wheels and I think it is absolutely gorgeous. Can you say that about your Accord or Camry or Avalon for that matter? This car is truly a holdout from a better time in the American auto industry before all of the Japanese manufacturers made their impact. From its stand-up hood ornament to the coke bottle body shape or the unmistakable port holes, this car is definitely a nod to the past. I for one think it is very unfortunate that this segment of the industry is all but gone now. I plan to drive this car for a long time. I may eventually buy a Century or LaCrosse to use as a second car to spare it from the harsh Indiana winters though.

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Review Date: 12th September, 2008

13th Sep 2008, 06:22

I love Park Avenues, and have a nice old '92 at home as an 'extra' or second car. I would love to get one like your 2004 as my main vehicle, but there are two factors I've had doubts about -

First, is the newer 3800 as reliable as my old one? I've heard they have terrible intake manifold problems that often end up destroying the engine. And secondly, can one still find them in this generation with the comfortable cloth seats? I hate leather seats and love the velour ones on my old '92.

Any information would be appreciated.