26th Oct 2008, 16:58

Just for the rest of us. Where is "here"?

27th Oct 2008, 18:19

15:36, the Lucerne is hardly a replacement for the Park Avenue. Frankly I don't even think it is fit to replace the LeSabre but I guess GM thought differently.

The Park Avenue was a far better looking and comfortable car. The Lucerne is a modern interpretation of the Park Avenue and LeSabre, but most Buick buyers like myself are traditionalists.

Buick sales continue to fall because GM continues to try to make it the American Lexus. If I wanted a Lexus I would buy one. Sadly, GM learned nothing with Oldsmobile.

28th Oct 2008, 17:20

You are so right. American car makers need to realize that we buy their cars because we LIKE American cars. I am in the market for a used larger American car and find myself looking at early to mid 90's cars to get the feel that I want. Later model Grand Marquis models also have this quality.

23rd Mar 2010, 02:28

I actually bought a Buick Park Avenue six months ago that only had 82,000 miles, and looked as if it had been detailed every year, and hardly ever used to the point where people who don't know about cars thought it was a brand new car.

At first the car gave me problems because it would shut off a few times a week, but it was the computer, and a few sensors and a valve that needed to be changed, and ever since that, the car drives smooth and is very comfortable.

23rd Mar 2010, 11:09

I have a '92 Park Avenue, non-ultra, and while it has been a great car for years, recently it developed the problem you talk about - shutting off inexplicably, not starting, or only being able to be run if floored. I think it is the computer or some sensor, but mechanics we have taken it to have been unable to fix it or explain what is wrong. One even told me 'you should get rid of that old junk'! (it's by far the newest car I've ever owned). The same idiot told us a new computer would be over a thousand dollars. At this point we don't know what to believe.

26th Jul 2010, 18:22

These are great cars. I have a 1994 Ultra (all black with leather) myself. Only thing wrong with it is the sunroof, which I believe went off track. Other than that, it runs great (knock on wood!) and is a fast, comfortable cruising machine with features still reserved to luxury cars of today such as heated memory seats and self leveling suspension.