29th Apr 2006, 21:56

Since I wrote that last post just above this one... I had some work done on my Park Ave. Replaced the rear Struts... it is higher in the rear and rides smoother.

I had the engine cleaned out with the "Motor Vac" system and new plugs and fuel filter. Wow... it runs like a new car again. I also added some Simulated HiD's. Really increased the distance with whiter headlights.

We are now up to 77K miles on this car. I am really loving her all over again...

26th Sep 2006, 10:15

I have a 2000 Park Ave Ultra, which I absolutely love. I am a teenager, and this car was given to me by my parents. At first I didn't think I would like it because it is stereotypically an older person's car. Needless to say, I love it. I had the windows tinted and added the 2003 grille. In my opinion, if you can find a second hand one that has been well maintained, go for it. And the person above is right- police don't seem to notice it no matter what speed you go. They just look past Buicks!

9th Nov 2006, 22:54

I just bought a 2000 Park Avenue and want to move the XM satellite radio from my 87 Park Avenue and use the antenna input of the Buick radio. Are the antenna plugs the same in 87 and 2000?

9th Aug 2007, 19:37

I have a 2000 Park Avenue that I bought used (92K). Overall, a great car. My first road trip (300+ miles), I achieved 28 mpg (calculated by actual miles driven by actual fuel used). I noticed that the actual mpg was less than the car's computer calculated (around 92% of computer). I charted each fill up and it has been averaging around 92%. Has anyone else compared actual mpg to computer mpg? Typically, getting 23 to 24 mpg in back and forth to work (mixed highway and stop lights) and 28+ on the highway. I was planning a road trip (1000 miles) and the car had just turned over 100,000 miles, so I decided I should replace tires (definitely needed) and get a tune up. I immediately saw a reduction in gas mileage. A weekend trip of highway driving only yielded 24 mpg (a significant decrease over the typical 28+ mpg for the same trip several times. On the road trip it averaged around 24 mpg. It appears that my in gas mileage for going to work has dropped to 18 mpg. Anyone have any clues as to why the reduction in gas mileage? Thanks.

4th Nov 2008, 13:49

We bought our 2000 Park Ave in 2004. My Father sold Buick's for 30 years and my first car was a 1967 Gran Sport. I put the stage II 11/1 pistons and cam in before it became available to the general public. 12.4s in the 1/4 mile on cheater slicks. Won a lot of money on the street back in those days. I've said all this so you know I was always a Buick fan.

Unfortunately this Park Ave in the last year has had the following problems, front leather seats worn out (my 95 Corvette seats are still nice), drivers mirror delaminated, drivers door module quit, drivers window motor quit, door seals falling apart, interior rear quarter trim falling off. Mechanically its fine, accessories and soft goods are bad. I don't know if I can bring myself to buy another.

5th Nov 2008, 22:17

It seems that when they switched the body styles the quality dropped. I have a 95' and all of my accessories still work; power windows, door locks, climate control. Only the wear and tear items have gone like the alternator, starter. etc. But I know someone with a newer body style with less miles, and the power windows are either slow or don't work. Check engine light, the climate control doesn't display and etc. To me that just say quality drop.

GM is going to lose a lot of customers because of the quality drop in Buicks and and other higher end cars in the GM line up, it seems from the late 90's to early 2000's.

I will say though that it seems like they're coming back around again.

Is it too late? Time will tell.

26th Nov 2008, 15:38

13:49, I agree that the mechanicals are great but some of the other components are not up to snuff. I recently traded my '99 Park Avenue for one of the last '05's. Overall I love these cars but am not thrilled with the quality of some of the electrical components. My new car had less that 17,000 miles when I purchased it but I have already replaced a fuse block under the rear seat and now my twilight sentinel is not functioning properly. Fortunately I have an extended warranty for the next 2 years. My driver seat also had some wear with very low mileage (my old car also had a worn driver seat but it had high mileage). I actually paid over $600 dollars for a new factory seat cover and I'm still not happy (it fits poorly and doesn't quite match). Now I'm going to have to buy another one and try a new cushion this time and have an auto upholsterer install instead of the Buick mechanics. Hopefully that will satisfy me. Overall though I love these cars and will buy another Buick for sure. My previous one I sold with over 140,000 miles and owned it for about three years. I would guess I put about $1000 into that one.

14th Mar 2009, 23:33

I was looking to buy a 1988 or 1989 Buick Reatta, and I came across an Internet ad for a 2000 Buick Park Avenue Ultra. I knew about the 240 hp 3800 supercharged series II V6, like the Pontiac Grand Prix GTP. I thought "wow, sport car performance and Buick luxury and class. I test drove the Ultra, and decided that it was what I really needed, my daily driver had been a 1986 Fiero GT, but I'm a large person, getting in and out of a Fiero was tight and uncomfortable for me.

With almost 190,000 miles on the Ultra, I was surprise how quick and nimble it still is, not showing it's age at all. This 2000 Ultra is the best $2800.00 used car I have ever owned.

28th Jul 2009, 10:57

I purchased my 2000 Ultra in 2004 with 91000 plus miles on it. I have it today with 128000 plus miles. My repairs have been regular maintenance which I do myself. NO mechanical problems whatsoever except the gas lid door won't release from the inside, but that's now biggie.

I used 87 fuel ever since I bought this car, and AVERAGE 22 to 28 mpg overall. On a 3000 + mile trip I averaged 29-31 mpg. Average speed around 70 mph.

I don't know why they quit making this car. I tried a Lucerne but like my Ultra better. I plan to keep this car till it literally goes to pieces.

4th Sep 2010, 11:31

I have a 2000 Park Ave Ultra, and am absolutely in love with this car. But have had a problem with it occasionally stalling while driving. This car is a cream puff, and would like to put a little more trust in its reliability. If anyone has some good advice, it would be very much appreciated.