1982 Buick Regal Limited 3.8 231 Ci 2bbl V6 from Finland


Quite nice car for quite small money


There was some problems with electric windows, but the problems did disappear (!) without doing anything and finally they worked just fine.

Engine did broke at last winter.

Body is really bad condition.

General Comments:

Inside of the car is really beautiful.

Driving was quite good with 235 M+S tires (I did drive it even winters). Engine did start quite good even -20 degrees and car was really warm inside too.

Fuel it did takes about 10 liters per 100km (road/city) after engine repair.

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Review Date: 13th November, 2002

1982 Buick Regal Limited 3.8 231 Ci 2bbl V6 from North America


A luxurious unreliable bucket


Hmm let;s see... I bought the car, and the carburetor was going bad, so it never had the best acceleration in the world, and in the winters, I would have to get up early for work just to let the car warm up.

Drove the car to Miami, forgot the spare tire and jack, spent the night in the car, hitch hiked to a junk yard the next day, got a tire.

Spindle threads went out, got stuck on the side of the road when the wheel collapsed, did a spindle job on the passenger side on the side of the road.

Wheel bearings went out, locked my wheel up, the car sits now, going to the junk yard tomorrow to get the spindle.

General Comments:

Its lowered 5 inches, sits on 100 spoke wire rims, burns more oil than OPEC, and is the most comfortable car I have owned yet. But due to motor problems, I'm about to retire her into my field of 80s GM G body's.

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Review Date: 4th November, 2002

3rd Nov 2009, 20:57

Hey do you have a lot of Regals just sitting? There's some parts I'm looking for, maybe you could help me? My e-mail address is topdawg8863@sbcglobal.net thanks.

1982 Buick Regal Limited Edition 350 out of a 73 Chevelle from North America


A high performance car with a classy look in the inside


Speedometer cable broke.

Head light switch went bad, lost dash lights.

Factory radio ate tapes.

Front window trim clips are no good, they break and trim starts falling off or you lose it when driving down the street.

General Comments:

Seats are in good condition.

Interior is in good condition.

Body is in good condition.

There was nothing wrong with the car when I bought it except, the front window clips for the trim around the window. The interior of the car looks nice. What it lacked was power so I decided to swap motors to give it the power it deserves. The rear end gears need to be replaced so the car could pick up speed faster. Other than that this car moves.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2002

1982 Buick Regal Presidential Limited 5.0 Liter Oldsmobile V8 from North America


A luxurious car at a Buick price, rare though they may be, they are classy


I have had very few problems with this car.

Normal maintenence and common sense is the key to keeping this car like new.

If you grease the vinyl top every so often, it will stay nice and new looking.

General Comments:

This is a elegant automobile.

Luxurious interior, loose-pillow seats, wood trim.

Vinyl top, cornering lamps, opera lamps and wire wheel covers make this car look like a Cadillac.

Quick and easy performer on the interstate.

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Review Date: 24th June, 2001

30th Jun 2001, 09:50

I agree with the owner of this car, the Regal Limited was a posh car. I love my Regal, but I would rather have a horizontal needle analog speedometer instead of the digital one that is currently in my Regal Limited coupe.

3rd Jul 2009, 23:25

My dad had one of these, and yes you're right they are rare. It was a good car, but the only thing that went wrong with it was the drivers side window. Other than that it worked like clock work. I tried doing a search on the 'net for one of these and I can really can say that I found nothing. Yes your right It those look like a Cadillac maybe the closest model would be a '82 Eldorado Biarittz. My dads one had analogue speedo, not the digital one unlike the other person who commented on it. I think that it's the nicest Buick model of the 80's.