1996 Buick Regal Grand Sport 3.8 V6 from North America


Buick 3.8 what a value!


When I first purchased the car, I replaced water pump and alternator. Both went out in the first six months.

Back Brakes. were replaced recently. this wasn't cheap! General Motors design flaw cost the consumer a pretty penny.

General Comments:

I must say I love my Buick. it rides just as well at 140k as it did at 39k. I'm well on my way too 200k. I would recommend this vehicle and given the opportunity I would purchase another 96 (I don't really like the new body style on the 97-03) and they quit making the 2 door :- (. oh well, one thing is for sure, I would put this car up against any other when it comes to reliability.

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Review Date: 31st January, 2003

24th Feb 2004, 09:16

I recently acquired a 96 Buick Regal Gran Sport.

An older lady traded into a dealership and it only had 29K on it. I wasn't looking for a Buick, I like Honda's.

But I was really impressed with it and got a great deal.

I feel like I'm driving a new car and it was under 5K.

Now my wife and I don't want to drive our Accord.

We take turns driving the Buick. I read all of these great reviews and think I have an excellent car.

17th Oct 2004, 03:15

Absolutely love my 96 regal gs. It's an awesome car. Some major flaws with the gm engineering. For example, I have to replace brakes at least once a year, but hey it's not a Camry, I'm not expecting perfection. On the other hand, this is the most comfortable car I've ever even sat inside of and the luxury features are up to par with most cars built recently. The engine purrs and it's so quiet you can hardly tell when the car is on. Even though I have to make repairs pretty often, I'm STILL reluctant to sell this car because the engine is so strong and this is just a car with a lot of heart. Bottom line, I'd buy another one in a second if I could find it in black with the chrome rims again. All in all, it's still a find to this day. One purchase I've never regretted.

26th Aug 2007, 16:10

I love my '96 GS. Caution: around 100,000 miles a plastic intake pipe corroded, causing coolant loss. I found out the hard way (thank you AAA Plus). I rebuilt the top end of the motor and it runs strong at 126,000. What's the deal with the service engine soon light, and the CD player?

1996 Buick Regal LE 3.8 super charged from North America


A great compromise between a sports car and a sedan


I had a coil burn up, so for a month I was driving on 4 cylinders. I also had to purchase a new lead wire for the alternator, my check coolant light is still faulty, and the security system won't let me in the car if any thing is faulty with the car's electronics.

General Comments:

The car is seriously fast for a "Granny car" I raced my friends Camero and killed him, yet it still gets about 350 miles to a full tank. Also the trunk is huge. It also handles like a sports car around sharp curves.

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Review Date: 5th November, 2002

1996 Buick Regal Gran Sport 3.8 Seires II from North America


Great little Hot Rod for a great price


This is my second entry about 30000 miles later.

The Anti/lock brake sensor started acting up. I simply disconnected it as I despise A/L brakes anyway.

Last week the headliner on the sunroof started coming loose. Fixed it myself with 3M spray adhesive. Not bad for a car that lives outside in the 100+ degree summers!

General Comments:

Still an outstanding vehicle. Took it to the drag strip over the summer and knocked out a string of 16.3's, totally stock! Out of 150+ Honda's, Acura's, Toyota's, etc... was faster that all, but 2, both were bottle babies with slicks.

Looking at the new 2002 Regal Gran Sport, but why trade when my 1996 is still rolling along just fine.

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Review Date: 10th May, 2002