26th Aug 2002, 14:33

8-26-02 I own a 1991 Buick Regal, 2 Door, with a 3.1 engine. It has 75,000 miles on it and this year the following have caused me frustration and many weeks without use of the car: I had the transmission rebuilt in March of this year, both head gaskets had to be replaced, all 6 injectors were bad, the fuel modulator leaked and was replaced. Finally, the motor that runs the injectors failed and had to be replaced. Up to now, I have had no trouble with the car. I sincerely hope I have many more years of use from this car without these heavy expenses.

20th Dec 2002, 23:33

I own a 1991 4dr Buick Regal GS with the 3800 motor, (not the series 2). I have an after-market Paxton stage 2 supercharger, polished heads and intake, custom headers, K&N cone filter, accel super-coil wires, B&M shift kit, and a Hyperchip. all together it puts out about 275 BHP. stock engines will only make about 195 BHP. There is a lot you can do to trick out you Buick Regal. I have Goodyear Eagle LS z-rated tires from a Seville STS, factory rims (16 inch), and Brembo dual piston calipers on all 4 tires. This car screams on the highway, gets 23 mpg. city and 31mpg. highway, all on reg. unleaded fuel.

5th Jul 2004, 18:55

I have a 1991 Buick Regal GS Coupe I bought from the original owner 3 years ago. I payed 2000 dollars for the car and have only had to do general maintenance. I just turned 150,000 miles and it runs like new. I have noticed other people commenting on the acceleration in these cars and I agree with the comments that they are very quick for such a big car. At 150,000 the only big thing I've had to do to it was a new paint job which was done by Macco and they did a pretty good job. The original owner did put in a new transmission at about 120,000 miles and it was done by the dealer. They did a very good job so if you need a good transmission rebuilt and don't care about the price go ahead and take it to the Buick dealer. Everything works on this car and it even still has the original AC with the addition of the new gas. It has been a great car and I plan to keep it for a long time. My dream for this car is to put the new supercharged 3.8 liter motor in this car when time comes for a new motor. If theres anything that you would like to know about my car you can email me at selmor50@hotmail.com.