4th Oct 2003, 19:58

I, too, own a classy regal and my problems were also with the master cylinder which needed replaced because it would have been cheaper than buying another car. Thank you plastic, now I'll be paying this bill off for years. My seats are also tearing, driver's side more so. The check engine light is always on and the mechanic at G. M said it was quite expensive to fix, but it was doing no harm. I paid $7000.00 for the car 4 yrs ago at a dealership and in the past 3 years I've paid, and still paying, another $7000.00 in repairs.

30th Jun 2004, 10:05

I too have had problems with my gauges going crazy and not working. Right now my car will start, but will not keep running and the mechanic can't figure out what is wrong. I came out of my office from work last week and the trunk had opened on it's own. I have replaced by rotors and brakes twice and my car only has 104,000 miles.

20th Aug 2004, 21:27

I have a 1991 Buick Regal with 4 wheel anti-lock disc brakes. Yes it's true, the dealer cost for the brake master-cylinder IS $3300.00 CARRYOUT. The parts guy at Buick asked if I was sitting down before he told me the price. I had heard that this system was an obscure, early generation set-up. I bought the car from the original family that bought it new. It had about 130,000 miles on it and runs great! I've driven it about 10,000 miles and just love the power and comfort. I made the mistake of operating the steering wheel radio controls when the wheel was turned while parked. It FRIED the radio amp with smoke, smell and a ZZZT ZZZT sound. If you are lucky enough to have operating controls DON'T activate them in anything, but a normal straight line position of the steering wheel. I'll just keep adding brake fluid and enjoying this car that cost almost $24,000 in 1991 (I paid $1500). Wish me luck! GJ.

12th May 2006, 09:28

I, too, really like my '01 Limited. However, the whole master cylinder/ABS unit went out. I did manage to have it replaced, but at the total cost of the part and labor to the tune of $3400! The reason I did it? It is still a fine car and that $3400 was still far less costly than buying a new car. Kudos to plastic, too, in that it will take me a while to pay it off!

24th May 2010, 23:22

I have been the owner of this Regal Custom for about 4 years now, and after reviewing all of the comments, I can say that I think I have a car that was built on a Wednesday.

I should also mention that I am the 2nd owner since my Uncle had it from 91-2006.

So far, there has been little things, like fuses blowing here and there. besides the clearcoat peeling issue and the check engine light and the odometer not working, I would gladly own another Regal, perhaps a newer upgraded Gransport.

I am amazed by the 3800 3.8 V6 engine!! Just as some of the comments say, there's unexpected power with only 170 hp, it's gotta be in the gear ratio.

I really can't say enough great things about the car from the body to the cabin. I really think it was ahead of its time. I recently painted the hood, roof and trunk and have had compliments that say "I can't believe it's a 91". I know it's due to the rounder body panels.

8th Mar 2011, 03:02


I am French (I live in France), and I own a 91 3.1L Buick Regal Limited with leather interior. This car is very nice and has a lot of options. For 1991, this car was a great innovation. Today it's still nice, but has a lot of problems. She's from '91, so I forgive her.

All works well, because I took time to fix the radio, lights, brakes, transmission, engine,... But I still have an ABS brake problem that I think I can never fix, because of the very high priced parts. The Powermaster III is very expensive; $2500 + shipping for France + taxes!!! The car cost only 2500 euros ($3000).

The car is equipped with LPG system, so very economical. I really love this car. I love US cars...