31st Oct 2005, 20:23

I've the same problem. I think is the fuel pump 'cause I can start the engine only by pushing the accelerator to the bottom. What did you do?

21st Apr 2007, 22:56

I just bought a 4 door Custom sedan. I had the issue of driving the car for an hour down the freeway, parking it for an hour and then driving it for maybe a mile before it would just die and then refuse to run. I have yet to fully test things out, but I got the car back from the repair shop while it was still a bit warm and drove it for maybe 20 miles with no issue. After replacing the DIS module and the crank sensor with still no success, my mechanic found what he said was the issue. What he said he found was a burnt wire going from the crank sensor to the DIS module. He showed me the wire, but for some reason wouldn't show me just where in the vehicle it was located. I bought this from a used car lot that paid for the repairs, which is my reason for being fully confident. Hopefully this will help somebody else having a similar issue with heat soaking causing a stall. And if anyone out there has a car with a check engine light on... PLEASE don't pull the bulb and dump the car. In the end, it's a poor working slob like you and me that is going to have that dumped on them to deal with.

26th Aug 2007, 16:19

On my '96 GS, passenger side: under the dash there is a reset button for the check engine light.

For the other guy with the fuel issue: most likely its your fuel pump. Expect to spend around $750.

1st Oct 2007, 19:21


I just recently got a 96 regal. The only problem I can really say is that where you screw the gas cap onto, the metal "filler pipe" is very rusted inside and out. I have never seen this on any cars I have owned and I wonder what can be done about it?